Hilarion's Weekly Message: November 29-December 6, 2009
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,
I would like to continue to address the topic of the current process that is occurring for many of you and that is, alignment and integration with your Higher Selves. This is a process set in motion before each of you came into this World for the purpose of not only your Ascension but by going through everything that your Brothers and Sisters are now beginning to go through and to experience, you are thereby helping them in their processes, the term used in today’s vernacular “been there and done that.” Indeed you have, Dear Ones. Each of you is well versed in this process and this is not your first time in this process. What is so immensely to your credit is that you willingly chose to come here knowing that you would be totally forgetful of your Divine origins. Now, the next step is to reconnect and realign with the Divine Being that you truly are and this is what is now occurring and will continue on into the year of 2010. Each of you is coming into your own remembrance.
This for most of you, will be a natural process rather than a spectacular and sudden expansion of remembrance. For your own highest good and safety this was what was chosen in order for you to accomplish your tasks without total burn out. You may liken the process of unfoldment within you as the blossoming of a rose, each petal revealing another under it that is also unfolding. All is in Divine order and timing. There is a great order to the Divine Plan although in truth, it has been in a constant state of adjustment since the Earth has entered into the higher frequencies and a whole new space in the Cosmos. This is a totally new experience for all on Planet and all administering systems involved. Much is unfolding, will unfold and continue to unfold. Layer upon layer will be exposed to the truth and the Light and Humanity will grow and expand right along with these changes. You are ever the Templates of the new, taking the brunt of the New Energies and transmuting them into the core of the Earth to be dispersed where needed most and enabling Humanity as a whole to get on board.
The energies from this point on will become more and more refined and you will find yourselves seeking the quiet place within yourselves in order to process and integrate. The New Year just ahead of you promises to be filled with more and more revelation, both personally and collectively, and for those of you who have been impatient to ‘remember,’ we say to you that this way was chosen by you in order to facilitate the raising of the frequency level of the entire Planet and all upon Her. Each day that you labor in this endeavor brings the Earth and all upon Her into greater alignment to the Divine Plan. Keep ever most at the forefront of your thoughts the knowledge that you are co-creating a New Heaven and a New Earth and that this requires that you keep concentrating on the World that you want rather than the old paradigm that is breathing its last breath. Business as usual, keeping Humanity in fear and under control is no longer working and Humanity is awakening to the knowledge of their Divine birthright. Giving their power away to others (authority) is no longer acceptable and all are claiming their sovereign right to live a better way.
The next few months will see this taking root in all areas of society and it will happen in a most peaceful and harmonious way, for as each person reclaims within themselves their true sovereignty the weight of the unjust burdens that had been placed upon them will automatically fall away. The current systems that have been in place with ever increasing demands for more of the energy of Humanity will no longer be tolerated and will crumble and decay. It is happening already everywhere and will become more and more noticeable as practices and systems that are no longer accepted by the masses. Humanity as a whole is turning away and all is in a state of flux. You the Lightworkers of the World, are ever the anchors of stability upon the Planet and much needed, for now you are coming into the reason and purpose of your part in the Divine Plan and this will become more clear as the petals unfold and your blossoming occurs like the caterpillar who transforms into a beautiful butterfly.
Continue to connect with feelings of joy, of happiness, of peace and abundance. You have each been discovering that all you really need to feel this way is already all around you, that you have everything you need within you. Change your thoughts and you change your World. Our Love for you is ever constant and our assistance ever available, just ask, Beloveds.
Until  next week….
I AM Hilarion
2009 Marlene Swetlishoff