1 With GOD & EveryOne

God said:

You have heard the expression: "Don't confuse the messenger with the message." Most often this applies to when someone receives bad news. It's not the mailman's fault. He is the innocent messenger of a message.

By the same token, the deliverer of wonderful news is also an innocent deliverer of messages. You are not to be agog at the mailman. You are not to be agog at anyone. You can like, appreciate, yet remember who is the originator of the message and who is the deliverer of the message. The deliverer hands you the messages. He is not more even when he delivers the best news in the world.

Certainly, you don't ignore the mailman. You simply acknowledge that he dropped a message for you in your mailbox. In the case of My messages, you might as well adore the mailbox as to adore the one who delivers My messages to you. The delivery man is to be respected yet not adored for being the delivery man.

There is a tendency to impart exaggerated qualities upon the ones who deliver My messages. As much as you want to adore the mailman, it is not so good for him that you adore him. He is just delivering the messages on My behalf. He has a nice role, yet it is a humble one. I am within him, and I am within you.

There is the sense in which you are to appreciate everyone. There is the sense in which everyone is My messenger, and everyone is I. Everyone delivers messages on My behalf. Love the messages and not the delivery man so much. This is advisable on your behalf, and this is advisable on behalf of those who deliver messages to you.

The message is admirable. The mailman may be a great mailman, yet he does not write the messages he delivers. He did not think of them. He drops the messages off.

There is the sense in which We can give thanks to everyone for everything. Thanking is one thing. Aggrandizing is another. When you aggrandize the mailman, you are also liking the idea of coming closer to the Throne, so to speak. You are already close to the Throne.

When you turn a movie star into something more than he, the person, really is - when you turn him into an idol - you are fantasizing. When you turn a spiritual person into an ideal, you may well be concretizing your dreams the same. Adulation is adulation. It is not real. It is built on a presumption.

Much falling in love in the world is writing your own movie. It is fiction. You project your dream.

On Earth, a man may be a great sage, yet he is a man. A man may be a great Holy Man, and yet he is a man. He may be a perfect Holy Man, and yet he is a man. Learn from him. Value his knowledge. Value his goodness, and don't go crazy over him. He has his role, and you have yours.

Love goodness. Love intelligence. Do not put any man above yourself. Embrace the gifts a speaker gives, yet do not idolize the speaker. Serve, help, give, yet do not give up yourself. Surrender to Me, if you please, I Who am your True Self, even as I am present in everyone.

When you feel you have the best, the most, the most superlative anything, you may be leading yourself down a garden path. Superlatives are of the relative world, and so are finite. The man before you is not your discovery. Love is your discovery, love without tying anyone up, including yourself.

Be One with Me and Everyone.