God said:

There are many different names for Me, and yet I am One God. I always answer. I AM WHO I AM. Call Me by any name, and I turn to you and cast My eye upon you with love. By whatever name, the meaning of My name is love. I am beyond name, just as I am beyond words. The name you assign to Me is a word. I am holy, beloveds. Even though it is said that holy be My name, It is not My name that is holy. You and I are holy. Holy is God by whatever name He is known.

Forgive Me if I seem irreverent. You may be known by several names. You may have been given three names at birth, and then more names pop up. And yet, through all the names, you are you. Do you think I am less than you? I AM Being. I AM God Serene.

I answer to all. Call Me Friend. Pour words of love out, and I answer. Call Me nonexistent, and still I answer. Rail at Me, and I am at your side. Of course, there never was nor is a time when I am not squarely in your heart. I am far more than any name by which I am called. If you call Me by a hundred different names, I am still One God. I do not change. I am the God that I always was. I am a simple God. I am One.

And you are One with Me. That is all you have to know. There is nothing to debate. I am not a theory. I AM God. I am not God of some and not of others. I am God of All. I am whole. That is what makes Me holy.

A Holy God of Wholeness does not pick and choose. It is My children who do that. Like first-graders, you like to think you own the school you go to. You say, “My school.” Yet you do not own the school. Nor is the School of God privately owned. The School of God is owned by all. You do not possess a particular title to Me. I am possessed by all. I am not a better God in one temple than another. I am not a leopard who changes his spots.

If you are the mountain, I am the God Who will go to you. I am already with you. I never leave, so what is all this discussion about?

I give you Freedom of Will. I ask that same freedom of you. I am free to be everyone’s God. I would never limit Myself, and so must you not limit Me.

Welcome all on behalf of the One God I AM. Be hospitable to all by whatever name they call Me, or if they do not call Me. All are Mine. No one is more Mine than another. My love is abundant, and all are Mine.

No one has less than all of My love. You do not have less of My love because everyone has all of My love. I am an immeasurable God. I am big. I am not mincemeat. I am the Sun, and the same Sun shines on all. What were you thinking? Do you really think I play favorites? Do you really think that one branch of My children is in today and another is in tomorrow?

Do you think I am a transient God? I AM One God, and you are One with Me. All are One with Me.