12 Step Healing Process

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Sanat Kumara: The Embodiment Of A Planet--Your City Of Shambhala
3.)  Mayan Messages: Twelve Step Healing Process
4.)  New Everything
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Ascension Comes as Ascension Goes

Isis' Message of the Day -
Why do knowledgeable people still use the word "dead?" Reality check! NO ONE IS DEAD! Not One thing dies . . . it just changes form.
It never ceases to amaze me when knowledgeable people claim to "talk to the dead." Hello! Only the "living" can talk. You are as 'dead' right now as you ever will be.
You see it all the time in shows like "Ghost Whisperer" & "Medium." If you can see, hear or get a message from someone they are definitely not "dead."
Look up the word 'dead' in the dictionary:
1.   no longer living (YOU never die just change form... move from one 'home' to another.)
2.   to become 'senseless' (look up this word... I am certain your guides don't fit this catagory.)
3.   naturally without 'life' (ALL THAT IS, is ALIVE)
4.   lacking positive qualities, as of warmth, vitality, interest, brightness, brilliance, etc. ( I am certain your guides don't fit this catagory nor any of those of your loved ones who have 'moved' from the physical home to the next one.)
6.   without feeling, motion or power ( You ever seen or felt Spirit MOVE... I have and believe me, they have all 3.)
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear ones,
As you sit at your computer and think on your life, what is the first thought that comes to mid - is it one of gratitude, or one of fear and worry?
Consider how you spend your day and the thoughts that accompany you - are you peaceful or are you constantly shuffling through an anxious list of "what ifs" and fears.
We ask that you take a moment now and just take a few deep breaths.
Remember that you are not alone. You have a heavenly entourage that accompanies you. You do not have to shoulder every burden by yourself. You do not have to face every challenge as though you are little David against mighty Goliath. YOU have everything you need to overcome any situation that presents. YOU are a child of the Most High and you have within you the very spark of Divinity that can create miracles.
This is a truth. This is your birthright. Today, allow the wings of angels to bear you up and know that you are loved and beloved. Be at peace.
Till next time…
Deb and Jean
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Sanat Kumara: The Embodiment Of A Planet--Your City Of Shambhala
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
October 20, 2010
Please explain how a Planetary Logos embodies a planet and all life forms.
Beloved and blessed ones, it takes great training for a being of the higher realms to learn how to embody a planet and all its life forms.  This training is voluntary, each soul chooses a path upon their evolution, as they graduate the school of the third dimension, pass through the fourth dimensional vibrations and move into the harmony and love and joy and abundance of the fifth dimensions.  One must reach a balance within their evolution; one must have achieved integrated mastery.  Only then, may a soul move into training to be a Planetary Logos.  The training is extensive, and takes great patience, dedication, and fortitude.  Many choose other paths, as one must learn to hold a thought form to completion, in the sense that a soul must learn how to wrap their auric field around the planet and all souls.  In the beginning, this enfolding is in a general sense.  The soul must learn to hone th eir skills.  The soul must then learn to pinpoint a soul, a life form, a drop of water, a budding seedling, a new born cub of the animal kingdom.  This soul in training must learn how to communicate in great detail, with the earth mother, as this soul is responsible for maintaining the well being and the form of the earth and all life forms.  As humanity has had free will, it is this soul's purpose, to hold the form and maintain it, with compassion, and non judgment.

This soul also experiences great growth, through the experience of being a Planetary Logos.  The training involved may take millions of years.  As the soul in training becomes ready and able to hold the form of the planet and all life forms, they take an initiation, and join the hierarchy of the Planetary Logos. The soul, who becomes a Planetary Logos, must hold the capacity for great and expanded unconditional love.  This love must touch and encompass each and all life forms on the planet as well as the planet itself.
The Planetary Logos maintains a close and detailed knowledge of each and every life form and is aware at all times of the growth of each life form.  As a life form reaches a new level upon their path, an initiation is given, and this initiation, for those on earth, is given within the halls of Shambhala.  As the planet progresses on its path, it too, will take initiations, and move into the higher realms.  Your earth will eventually become a bright and shining star, as she takes her place among the stars of the higher realms.  She too, is experiencing great growth, and the most difficult of the birthing process is soon to be complete.  As your earth transitions into the fifth dimension, her initiations will no longer be taken with great distress and physical upheaval.  Her initiations will be taken in the love and joy which is her divine birthright, just as it is yours.  All life forms on your earth will eventually return to this state and live in peaceful coexistence with each other, side, by side.
Please describe the etheric city of Shambhala.

Your legendary city of Shambhala exists in the higher realms.  It has always existed in the time line of your earth.  It was visible and easily accessible in times past, but as your civilizations fell into the density of the third dimension and drew the planet and all life forms into density, your city of Shambhala remained in etheric form in the higher realms, watching over, blessing, and maintaining a light force in your etheric atmosphere.  Shambhala has anchored the thought form of what will once again be, upon your earth.  This thought form has been anchored in place for eons, to assist you, as you began to awaken, and draw in the life force substance, the prana, the breath of life.
Shambhala is most beautiful.  It is the dream you hold of the pearly gates of heaven, of floating on clouds, of beauty, of harmony.  This dear ones, is your remembrance of times past when you had access to the beauty of Shambhala, and to the wisdom of Shambhala.  Yet Shambhala is not just a haven to visit, in rest and relation.  One may always rest and enjoy the beauty, yet one comes to Shambhala with a purpose.  One comes to Shambhala when one is of the higher Council of Light, when one is of the spiritual hierarchy, when one has been invited to Shambhala, as an initiate of great consciousness and wisdom.  There are those on your planet who visit Shambhala on a regular basis, as they participate in the guidance and the facilitation of the teachings of the ascension.  These beings are most revered and honored for their dedication to their spiritual path.

When a being has risen to a new level of spiritual awareness, and has reached a level of initiation, the initiation is given at Shambhala, by me in the past, as Planetary Logos, and now by the Buddha.  It is a great honor to be invited to Shambhala to receive an initiation.  Most of you who take initiations, are not of aware of the process, this most often happens during your sleep time.
Many of you visit the ascension seats upon Shambhala.  This is open to all souls.  Take advantage of this beautiful gift being offered to you.  You have only to ask your guides and angels to take you to the etheric city of Shambhala and you will be greeted and welcomed with great love, as you are brought to an ascension seat to bask in the light of the higher dimensions.  You will not be allowed to incorporate more than you can easily and gracefully handle.  You are monitored and will not be allowed to go into overload.  We welcome all of you, dear souls, to these ascension seats.  This beautiful city of Shambhala is yours, dear ones.  We of the higher realms have been entrusted to take care of it, to maintain its beauty, to be the keepers of the wisdom, so that you may once again become your own keepers of Shambhala, when you are ready.  That time is almost upon us.  In the mea ntime, come to our beautiful gardens, walk with us, talk with us, and enjoy the ascension seats, as you raise yourselves up on your spiritual path.
Who resides there, and what is their divine service?
There are many beings who reside in Shambhala.  Foremost, are your Planetary Logos, Buddha, and those who assist him in his duties.  There is an inner plane ashram of Shambhala.  Those of you who have reached a certain level of initiation, often come in your sleep to Shambhala, to participate in classes raising your spiritual level of awareness.  The are many Ascended Masters and angels of the Divine Law of One who assist in the inner plane ashram, and many who assist you, as you visit the ascension seats.  This is first and foremost, your beautiful city, dear ones.  It is for you, and our divine service is to assist you to reclaim your divine birthright, of which Shambhala is a part.

There is great beauty within Shambhala, halls of learning, halls of wisdom, many halls for the expression of the creative desire, as those who reside in Shambhala, joyously use their creative talents in the expression of forms of great beauty and harmony.  The city of Shambhala is filled with this beauty expressed in form, and your Shambhala is filled with the beauty and lushness of the perfection of nature at its best.  Peace, love, joy, abundance, and harmony, prevail in Shambhala, there is no other.  It is the final form of your heaven on earth, ready for you, as we have held it in safe keeping.
Within Shambhala are halls of wisdom, where those of the spiritual hierarchy meet frequently, to determine the ever changing assistance which they provide to you and your planet.  All is fluid, ever changing, and there is a constant monitor of the assistance given and changes in determining what may be given, within Cosmic Law.  You dear ones, with free will, delight and ever please us, a as we joyously watch you grow and expand and spread your angel wings into the beautiful beings you have always been.  It is most joyous to watch and be part of the grand awakening of your earth and her souls of human form.  We are here with you, blessed souls, until the last one comes home, even as we are evolving in our own evolution.  A part of each soul's evolution is to be able to fragment consciousness and be present in many locations.  This is how we may evolve, yet remain here to assist you in your return t o the higher realms, and we remain with you in the love and the joy of the Cosmic Heartbeat. 
Call on me, I have not left you.  Feel my love, feel my presence, I am within you and without you, as we are one consciousness, and it is the consciousness of the God Source.  I enfold you in the love of the Cosmic Heart.
I am Sanat Kumara.
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Love and Many Blessings,


Mayan Messages: Twelve Step Healing Process
As Received by Theresa Crabtree
Day  45  Chicchan  6
I am Chicchan, the serpent. Together with today's Tun of 6, we would like to focus on your second chakra, the energy field within your body that houses creativity and sensuality. Chakra fields are unique in the human experience. Each allows remembrances and sensations on a variety of experiences. 
The second chakra allows for the creation of those things you would like to manifest in your life. It is sometimes called the passion center. When this area is blocked, your ability to create is stunted. In worst-case scenarios, they are blocked to the point where you experience dis-ease. These diseases are manifested in areas such as the lower digestive system: the intestines, the colon, the stomach, as well as the reproductive organs and lower back. 
How do these areas get blocked? By your thoughts, emotions and belief codes. Starting at birth and beyond, through experiences, whether real or imagined, you begin to build your belief structures. The more intense the emotions surrounding the events in your life, the more these thoughts are anchored in your chakras. Let's use an example of sexual experiences, which seems to be one of the most taboo subjects in the human experience. As a baby, you have just gone through the traumatic birthing process. As an infant, you still recall where you came from and perhaps you are experiencing concern about your sanity, wondering why you chose to return to this dense Realm. These emotions are stored in your body. 
As you grow, you have many more experiences, some de-light-full and some not so light. On several occasions, you were caught "playing with yourself" and was seriously reprimanded. You still enjoy the sensations of masturbation, but now you have to sneak and do it or not do it at all. Either way, you are likely to have experienced embarrassment, guilt and shame. These emotions are stored in your second chakra. 
When you are reprimanded or stunted while you practice your creativity, these emotions are also stored in your second chakra. For example, coloring on the walls and being abused or ridiculed for it, being told to stay in the lines while coloring in a book, being forced to write letters in a certain way and only on certain parts of the paper, being told that boys play with trucks and girls play with dolls, etc.. 
Each time you are shut down while being sensual or creative (or creatively sensual), the associated emotions start glopping together. We have talked before how positive thoughts and emotions are always flowing and light. The dark energies of guilt, shame, loss of power, etc. glop to each other and start forming a many-layered mass of density. With Kirlian photography, these negative thoughtforms can be viewed. As they continue to grow and cling to each other, eventually they create a physical malady in the body. This is how your chakras get blocked. They are no longer swirling and healthy; they become dark and dense. The stronger the emotions that are attached to this area, the more blocked and the more diseased they become. 
It is not unusual for children who were sexually abused to have diseases in their sexual organs. It is not unusual for people who hold back their creativity out of fear of resentment and ridicule to have difficulty in their abdominal cavities. It is not unusual for people who have been overly controlled to have lower back issues. Again, we will refer you to Louise Hay, her works can help you find the underlying cause of the aches, pains and dis-eases within your body and those you love. 
On this day of Chicchan 6, we would like to help you clear energies in the second chakra and open up the pathway for you to create and release negative thoughtforms that hold you back from being able to manifest your desires. 
You can do this any day, at anytime. If you are blocked, we recommend doing it often so you can get on with the mission and purpose of your life: to be able to love all unconditionally and manifest a life of Heaven on Earth. Most of you have already had more than your share of hell on Earth. Dream big and reach for the skies! 
The process is simple; the difficulty is directly related to your ability to observe your past with clear and open eyes. No one needs to know what you are doing. No one is recording your past behaviors as you look back on your life. No one is judging you. We are here to help you clear up the oil spill so your ocean of emotion is pure and teeming with life again. 
All inner work starts at the same place, finding a quiet spot in Nature and becoming still. Focus on your breathing as you relax your body and release the thoughts of the day. At this time, you can ask for Chicchan 6 or any of your Spirit Helpers to assist you. If you are familiar with the White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, then call in your specialized MAP team. These are a group of Spiritual Beings that are always available to help you with mental, physical and emotional problems. 
Choose an area of your body that is causing you discomfort or has been diagnosed as diseased or one that you just don't like. Gently tap on this area over and over. The purpose for the tapping is to keep you focused, for it is easy for your thoughts to wander. However, if the tapping causes a distraction or too much pain, then you need not do it. 
If you have access to Louise Hay's book, Heal Your Body, you can also look up the area of your discomfort. Many times reading her words will help you recall the moment you had the first negative thought associated with this area. What you are trying to do is find the reasons why you have an energetic blockage in this area. 
If you are intuitively clear, you will have greater success. For many, the events associated with the dis-ease were so traumatic that the memories have been deeply buried. You will only have success if you are able to objectively go back and review these events. One way to do this is to tell your Guides that you want to return as an observer and that you do not want to feel the initial pain or emotions. Your goal is to unravel the layers of emotions that have blocked you. 
This could take a long time; it may require professional assistance. We would highly recommend that you find a trusted and experienced spiritual healer to help uncover the deep, dark wounds, especially those associated with incest, severe emotional and physical abuse or other extreme experiences. 
Most of you can do this on your own. However, it is important that when you return to these past events that you forgive yourself and any others involved. It is unforgiveness that has caused most of the problems. You may wish to choose smaller issues first. As you gain experience, you will also gain confidence in your ability to heal yourself. 
Keep in mind that each of you is unique and each of the experiences you have are unique. Below is a simple healing process; there are many variations available to you. The more skilled you are at accepting Spiritual Guidance and the more skilled you are at facing your fears, the easier this process will be for you. By inviting the assistance of your Spirit Guides, you will be shown ways that are unique to assist you in the healing process. The basic steps are as follows.
 1.  Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed, preferably for at least an hour. A peaceful place in Nature is ideal. 
 2.  Quiet your inner and outer mind by focusing on your breath and relaxing your muscles. There are a myriad of techniques to help you with this process, choose one that feels comfortable to you. 
 3.  Call in your Spirit Helpers, your Higher Self and your MAP team. Ask for protection from any outside forces of interference. State your intention by naming the past wound and current malady you wish to heal. 
 4.  Choose the physical site on your body to work on. State your intention (My liver is healthy and fully functioning.) Begin to gently tap on that area of your body. Pay attention to the thoughts and physical sensations you feel. 
 5.  Many things can happen at this point. You may remember a traumatic event from this life or a past life. You may see or hear the name of a healthy food or vitamin supplement. You may see yourself in a practitioner's office. A person may come to your mind. 
 6.  Pay attention to any emotions that arise. Let them bubble to the surface. If you feel like crying, then cry. If you feel like dancing, then dance. If you feel like drawing in the soil, then do so. These are ways to release the emotions that have become squelched and stagnated. 
 7.  If an event or person comes to your mind, allow the remembrance of it, as you initially experienced it. If it is too painful, ask your Guides to let you view this objectively, as though you were watching a movie. Sometimes you may need to release your emotions by punching something or screaming at a past abuser. Perhaps you will release guilt associated with the event if you had believed you were bad when the incident occurred. The general idea is to forgive yourself and the other players for whatever happened. Forgiveness, in its simplistic form, is knowing that you and the other person were doing the best you could at the time. Even if a person knows they are being unkind or disrespectful, they are responding and acting as a result of their life experiences. You do not know their full history and they do not know your life story. Just as you do not want to be judged by others, it is fair for you not to judge others. Forgiveness is a fundamental step towards unconditional love. 
 8.  As best you can, bring up feelings of forgiveness and love for yourself and all other persons involved in whatever memory comes to you. This may take several sessions for some issues. Be patient and "fake it 'til you make it." 
 9.  Visualize yourself as fully healed. Gently and lovingly stroke the area involved. Thank your body for its assistance with the healing process. 
 10. Thank the Spirit Helpers that are assisting, even if you don't quite believe they exist. Once you have experienced a few miracles and heard enough miraculous stories, you will eventually know that something bigger than you is happening! 
 11.  Close the session by thanking all that were present. 
 12.  As best as you can, do not speak words or have feelings that will re-create the dis-ease. For example, when you stub your toe, every time you focus on the sore toe or bring attention to it by talking about it to others, you will continue to add energy to it. This will keep the pain persistent. How many times have you had an ache and totally forgot the pain when your thoughts were engrossed in something else? Keep your thoughts focused on your total body as being healed and healthy.
When you have a thought you don't like or want to foster, think again!
Call on us anytime to help with problems and issues you wish to release. We are always here and look forward to assisting you. That is our soul/sole mission, to help each other.
Selamet!  Be in joy! Chicchan 6
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Many blessings,
Theresa Crabtree

HEAVEN #3620
New Everything
October 23, 2010
God said:
You are at least ten times more sensitive than you ever need to be. What makes you so sensitive is that you take everything so seriously, so very seriously, so inordinately seriously. Words are like knives to you. A look is a machete. And certain deeds are like buzz saws. Words are just sounds and intonation made from mouths or written on paper. Your life and your well-being depend not upon words, and, yet, to you, words seem to be that serious.
Be more remote. Take not personally. Even when you are the person addressed, no one is addressing you. They may be talking to you or about you, but what they think of you has to do with them and not you at all. Everyone has his own picture album. Everyone misconstrues. There is a screen within everyone where old scenes are played, and you have been taken for someone in the past or a situation in the past. Someone else is watching his own script. Even if he calls your name, he is responding to someone or something in his past, or he would not get so het up about it. You just happen to be nearby or handy to vent on.
The other person who may be lashing out at you, no matter how unknowingly, is reading from an old script. He has his agenda, and it may be a total surprise to you.
When you feel that a person is wronging you, he is undoubtedly a prisoner of his past. He sees clouds instead of sunshine. He sees you as a cloud. His poor vision does not turn you into a cloud. You can still be the sun and shine on even the one who spurns you. If you really mean nothing to another person, he wouldn’t focus on you. Yet, of course, he is focusing on himself. He could be having joy instead of putting you down.
He may not be demeaning you at all, yet you are tied to a perhaps long-forgotten past, and you are not seeing straight either.
Improve your eyesight. Change what you want changed. You can do it. So why not do it?
If you knew of a sure-fire way to gain happiness, wouldn’t you use it? Of course, you would. I am telling you how. You gain happiness in proportion to how much of the past you let go. For what reason would you accede to the past. Especially, when it was not wonderful then, why would you look for the past again at every turn? When you keep the past in front of you, you live your life as if you were walking through a mine field. You are stuck in the mine-field. You dodge mines that are not even there. They are long past.
When you resurrect old thoughts and ways of thinking, you batter yourself from pillar to post. You wear yourself out. All because you see with old vision. Old vision does not stand you in good stead now. If it didn’t back then, it sure doesn’t now. Let go of the past, and you will create a new present, not a present fraught with past pain, but a present sought with joy. One way or the other, the past is fraught with pain. Who would choose pain when he can choose freedom?
In Heaven all is new. In Heaven all is in now time. This means that all is new. All is as if new. New music, new time, new events, new cast of characters. In Heaven, the past does not hold. In Heaven, the past is known as water under the bridge. Come get some fresh water.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, feel how it is to be the Intelligence of the universe. Feel how it feels to be divine, to be Light as the Intelligence that knows only divinity, knows no boundaries of time or space or any reality. That is how divine you are and how loved you are.
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Ascension Comes as Ascension Goes
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
October 22. 2010
Life's blessed pathway is decorated by endless blossoms and flowers along the ever winding road and the avenue or direction weaves this way and then the next, leading all of a mind so to do, into the horizon of current now times. That new dawning is fast approaching as these timely earthly years ebb past at quite some pace and so the now time is surely all that matters, for already are we at one with the prospect of 'no time, for the speed of passing negates truly any time at all. We are slowly coming into our greater memory and then also into a greater harmony, as past and present flow effortlessly into the new
clock - the one that is activating from within our very own beings as it suffers no loss nor seeks to create a future that is no longer of great necessity to us.
Two thousand and twelve will arrive on a crisp and even dawning as the 21st day of December is heralded in to comply with the near obsolete man created calendar. New times will most surely bring new measurements of that illusory commodity but it will appear to be the same as the ascension process carries on being measured in similar manner for the convenience and practicality of Hu-man kind as these stages of unwinding evolution seemingly continue at a pace unchanged. Greater energetic forces are still coming into play as the 'on' switch is hypothetically actioned as the many more inputs and outputs occur. 'Time' will continue in the acceptable or adopted manner, and will be further  utilised in the continuance of same. 'Now' time will be transiently measured.
The earth year of 2012 is indeed a worthy bookmark in a book of 'time' as the awakening and ever continuing life moves ever onwards and invariably ever inwards. Seemingly will the utilising of the same earthly calendar add more to an obvious acceptance and understanding of the suggestion, from one of our higher dimensional off planet kin. He suggests a time frame of between 2012 to perhaps 2017/18 containing first movements off planet, and then possibly a further period to around 2024 /25, thereby allowing for ALL the don't knows, or stragglers so to speak, to have finally chosen which pathway they really need, so accommodating them to continue their respective journeys in the energies most suitable. Time in all truth has no definition, these possible estimations are suggested zones within the time frame related to.
Grand it is to be, when we need only to think something - and it is! Grand it is surely going to be when the heaviness and duress that many are now feeling will be no more! Grand will it inevitably be when we feel our lightness - and  ever greater freedom will be the menu of the day! Grand will it surely be as we so integrate this physical vibration into the fifth/six density! Grand it surely IS for we know within our hearts and souls that we are very near that finishing line! Grand once more will it be as we perceive with such a clarity that then will the journey just be beginning, as all the wondrous and amazing gifts and blessings are there before us, as we reclaim our heritage and walk our truths in harmonic unity and accord.
These days are inching forwards into uncharted waters and the tide is now on the swell and the waves are beginning to break onto shores of new horizons and goals. They seemed for so long endless ages away, yet now are we most surely on the magical cusp of these exciting new beginnings of the new earth, bathing in her crystalline and pristine beauty, regaining her star status in the mighty heavens, with her magnificent crew aboard her, saluting her prowess and unrivalled magnificence. Those whom decide to stay aboard will indeed realise that which they had come here at this now time to do, as is their divine mission, so to speak. All will be in perfect divine order as the universe and all within it, will migrate to the rightful place so to be. The law of attraction will yet again express it's perfect and unbiased power as all will locate to where best  to be.
Now is the time for greater self analysis as once again we gaze into the mirror of our souls, seeing clearly those 'bits and pieces' that are still in need of just a little more attention perhaps. The secret is merely to honour and accept all that is being regurgitated thro' our beings, allowing it and not admonishing it as it rears it's presence perhaps for one last time or so. Recognise it, do not beat your self up over it, it's OK. Simply accept it, love it and then finally let it freely go... Amen. So be it! The final clearing and cleansing is taking place where, on an inner level, have you agreed to allow the very last layers of the onion to be peeled away. The very last layers about to be released and you have the time and the strength, and the 'where with all' to this achieve, because you are an invincible 'Light Being' of highest integrity and truly unquestionable honour and might! This you are and the whole universe has their eyes on you, yes, ON YOU!
Ascension is the name of the game! Ascension is the name of life continuous. Ascension is ongoing and ever awakening you to the bigger picture and to the bigger YOU. Ascension is animation, motivation, progressing, enlightenment and awakening you in every area, every level and every multi-dimension of your true magical being. Stepping back into the sure in-breathe of All That Is, of Supreme Creator or even Ultimate being.Your own essence, macrocosmic spark of divinity, that integrated with all other multitudes of divine essence', becomes As One in the greatest ever journey of grand and glorious eternal being and all that is. YOU ARE THE ASCENSION, AND THE TIME IS NOW!
Namaste.. Selemat Ja.
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