1-11-11 {Channeled}

Isis' Message of the Day -
All is energy. There is nothing that is not energy. The Source of all creation is energy. All energy has consciousness. There are different types of energy with different types of consciousness. Begin thinking in these terms that all is consciousness and there is nothing that is not connected to The Creator’s Essence.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Ashtar's 1-11-11 Report
Given through Susan Leland
Ashtar addressing the January 11, 2011 teleconference:
Well Good Evening everyone!  And this is a most auspicious day of days, is it not?  Day of sacredness; day of 11:11 repeating; day of sacred seven, day of eight almost, to add all of the numbers in this day, almost done. Everything is in place. Everything is ready. And here we are, Beloved Ones, to share that message with the Planet, below, on, and above, and with the Universe beyond. And it is our Joy, and our mission, that we come together to do this. But first we shall give some updates and some additions to that which you have already heard.
There can be no doubt, and indeed there is no doubt in the consciousness of the world, that all of these events which have created chaos - we acknowledge that -they have been designed to create fear. And while there has been some fear, and there is some floating out there, we're going to take care of that in our Exercise that we do. For it is the right of everyone upon the Planet, yes, even the dark hats, to be in the relaxation of Peace, and security and safety. Now, by their acts these ones are going to have some time out, and for some of them, the darkest of them, it may be necessary to "curtail" them even more.
But our concern, or our mission, concerns itself with that which you call Forgiveness, and so we invite you all to practice Forgiveness, even in the face of these events, and we know full well how you feel. We feel your emotions, Beloved Ones. We know how you are feeling. We know that you are, in some respects, grieving even, and feeling the sadness of all of these events which seem to be just coming one after the other with such intensity, and such wanton destructiveness. Well, that's how the dark hats want it.
In the midst of all of this, remember there are gifts. The consciousness of the World has been together ever since the Gulf Oil Spill. And while there are those Wayshowers and Lightworkers who are clamoring for those responsible to be put in front of the World Court, you all know that this was part of the plan. And thank the plan's execution as it has been thus far for the wake-up, which it has given to the World. 
And yet the dark hats have persisted, they have gone farther. If the World and the consciousness of the people did not give up over that attack, then they felt that they must pursue and carry on, because they keep hearing from us that their days are numbered, and they are hearing more and more from you, Beloved Ones, that it's time for Love and Peace on Earth, and therefore to them what that means is, 'Oh no, the World is going in an opposite direction from what we want.' And so they have done more.
They have tampered with the weather. They have tried to create a pole shift which would destroy the Planet, or at least that part of the Planet they want destroyed. They have released toxins into the air. They have bombarded, not just the air, but the waters as well.
And now in the State of Arizona, which is such a state of duality with so many energies there which seem to harbor and approve of violence - and now come these brave people to participate as victims, in a way. At least they are looked upon as the innocent victims of what we can best describe as another black ops operation.  They've been going on for years and eons of time, these black ops. Some of them have been quite blatant. In more recent years, the events have been made public, but 'who done it' has been not told, or not told entirely. This shooter had his mind under the control of the dark hats.
How do they do this, anyway, to innocent people? Well they start when they're young. If you are not familiar with that, and if you can be calm and relaxed as much as possible during the more violent scenes, you can watch the Bourne movies. We have spoken about this, and we are now speaking to this group. There are three movies. It is called the Trilogy, and it explains very well how this black ops mind control works.
You see it's out there. People have been unable to see it, particularly young people. They play these violent video games, and they watch all of this violence on their television sets and their computers and their movie screens and they think, 'Oh well, that's out there; it's not going to happen to me.'  And then some brilliant, beautiful, Lights are extinguished, or are attempted to be extinguished.
And you have the face of this child, a Star Child to be sure, one of great knowing. And you have a judge, who is known for his fairness, and his Compassion, and you have this fabulous woman, and by the way, we are with her, and all of the ones who took the bullets. And we have already welcomed those who left their bodies on this occasion, and they are in the Light very much.
And we have honored and thanked them for what they have done because it is huge, it is magnificent, because the World is coming together in Compassion for all involved. Candles are being lit, and we invite you to light candles, if you so choose. The candle in the dark is symbolic of what you have been hearing, which is that the Light is prevailing. There is going to be no plunge into darkness. The Path of Ascension is wide open, and the Planet is not being derailed by these events, and that is the good news here.
And while it is possible that there may be some continuance of violence, those who have been advocating violence are being curtailed, let us just say. Now the World knows more. Now the World can see where condemnation, and where setting people up as targets and so on and so on, where that leads. This is not just a video game, or some movie. This is for real. And so it is wondrous indeed that so many people Worldwide are lighting candles, sending prayers, doing meditations, empowering the energies of Peace, along with Courage, along with coming together, united in this grand calling out.
You are not victims, Beloved Ones, you are Warriors of Peace. You are beings of Light, and you are not helpless to stop this. We shall be putting forth our collective energies, and we have a very full company tonight of all of you in your human mission uniforms, shall we say, and all of us who come to sit at your feet, to hug you, to hold hands with you, and to be one in the solidarity, and in the purpose of this mission. And we are in awe of you for all that you have already done to help bring Peace to the Planet, and for that which you are about to do, even more.
And people are finding the Courage to speak up, not just empty rhetoric, but words of passion. Yes, some of them are lying, and you can tell who the liars are. They're being somewhat hypocritical, because they're part of the group that have been working so diligently, covering up the fact, nevertheless working diligently to take over the entire Planet, but they're not getting there. They are having temper tantrums of the worst, most heinous kind in order to try to keep going with their program. But we're stopping them, Beloved Ones, All of Us, not just those of us from the ships, and the Lighted Realms, but All of Us, All of Us together, because it is you opening your hearts to our presence, giving us permission, and bein g One with us, coming together in Family, so that we might together stay upon this high road.
And while it is true that those of us who come from the Lighted Realms, as you call them, do not have Ascension to accomplish, we want you to know that we're right there with all of you, and we can see the end of the chaos. We have told you many times there will be chaos before this great event occurs. There has to be. Institutions are falling apart, and you, Beloved Ones, can lead the way toward rebuilding what you need, to really serve the Earth with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, instead of with what these dark hats have built to enslave you.
Honest people are coming forth more and more. People are calling forth more and more for the changes that will benefit, rather than hurt and destroy. If you could see a list in front of you with all of the different agendas, and institutions, and groups, who even as we speak are receiving their, what you call their pink slips - they're done. Well, we only suggest that you might tune into that, if you so choose. And what is it that is happening instead? Well the Violet Ray and the Blue Ray of Truth are quite busy these days. Saint Germaine and Archangel Michael are causing the Truth to shine forth, and then to transmute that which no longer serves Planet Earth, and to bring forth that which does.
There is much Joy. There is infinite, infinite benefit with higher dimensional lifestyles to be lived on Planet Earth, and it's all coming forth even as we speak. There is a great Light at the end of this tunnel, Beloved Ones, and that great Light is you! We see that, and we say to you, 'See what your destination is, even as you are walking through that tunnel. Light it up wherever you are, and your path shall be that much more joyful!'  And this is not idle words, Beloved Ones, this is Truth. Truth coming from the highest of the vibrations in all of your energy fields. So we can only say, 'Let's get on with it!'
There is much to do, that is true. But we have ways of coming and joining with you to facilitate and make it easier. You already heard about an invention that is already here,* and there are many more. And there is great help and assistance coming in all aspects of your lifestyles, and most of it is already here, it's just not public yet. But there are those who know about it, and are most anxious to come forward with it. So if you are feeling that there are some obstacles still remaining, just know that these obstacles are shrinking into nothingness as the Violet Ray is applied.
Just know that you have the Courage in your heart to get through whatever remains of the chaos, and to come safely through whatever darkness you might feel, and transmute it. You have that ability to transmute it. What do you think would empower the dark hats the most at this moment? It would be if the consciousness of the Planet were to spiral down into total fear. They feed on fear. Love is toxic to them. They feed on fear. But you don't, Beloved Ones. Fear is not your natural state of being, Love is. So keep that Love in mind. Keep it energized!
If the events of the day create feelings of fear, which you cannot find a way out of quickly, then retreat from the events of the day, and do not focus there at all. Call upon your Guides. Use your tools of empowerment. Find that Courage in your heart to say 'no' to fear, and you do that by transmuting it, by getting in contact with the totality of the Divinity you are, by connecting with your Guides, by using your empowerment. Change the subject, Beloved Ones, change the subject to what gives you Joy, to what causes 'ahha' moments, 'I see the Truth of who I AM,' to joining with others in pleasurable, passionate pursuits of Joy!
Whether it is to group together, to bring Joy to the schoolchildren for instance, or to help people who have no homes or whatever it is when your heart opens, creating Joy for someone else, you cannot possibly be down in the dumpies, as we call it. Now you are protected to the extent that you choose to be, because you still have free will. So call upon us to join with you, invoke the White Light of the Christ to surround you. Go forth into the market place and beam radiant smiles to all, because that's what you're here to do, Beloved Ones.
You know you have a saying and it can be interpreted as being somewhat physically war-like. The saying is: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  What this means is when you are tough Love with yourself, when you say to yourself: "I have no place in my being for fear," or better yet, "I have only room for Love in my being!"  That shows your Courage - that shows Who You Are. That tells the World, and if you have any doubts go look in the mirror, say into that mirror ten times if you wish or more, "I have only room in my being for Love!" Pretty soon you're going to say, "I feel only Love in my being. I AM only Love. I AM!"  Now that's a great path to be on, and it empowers you, and your neighbors, and your family, and your friends to be all that you came here to be. No more shrinking back, no more fear.
And if your neighbor comes to tell you he saw a movie and the Ashtar Command is here to be conquering Planet Earth, or, if he/she heard the rumor that the Ashtar Command has left - don't get into that belief system, don't buy into it. Just look your neighbor in the eye and say, "I know the Truth, and I will share it with you if you'd like me to share it with you." But look into the mirror and see the Truth of who you really are, and call forth the Truth, and by the way if you'd like to use the Sword Excalibur, you are entirely welcome to do so.
There are those who are changing, becoming courageous with Love. And sometimes it takes Courage to open to Truth, Beloved Ones, let us acknowledge that. And people are beginning to acknowledge that there is one direction that they have created all of this chaos. We must add that it is for each and every one of you to look upon yourselves as having been a contributor in some way, if only because you came here to observe it . Now what does that mean, anyway? Well it means you came in knowing that some of these things would happen. And you came in anyway, knowing that when the time came you would find the Courage to do something to transmute it, and in the meantime, you would come and observe so you could get all the Truth out of it, and have your facts straight.
There are many who are bringing forth this similar message, the same message really. And to the dark hats the message is: 'It's over Rover; you're done; you're finished here!' And they're not liking what they're hearing, and so they are doing everything that they can to distract and destroy that which has been built thus far upon the foundations of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, or any teachings of any of the masters, and all of the teachings that you are now finding residing in you, and within your heart and mind, and your wisdom center.
"We're moving upon the path to support you, to enable you to see more of Who You Really Are. You can look upon us as mirrors, if you wish. The Truth of it is, we are One with you in solidarity of Love. And there is nothing we cannot accomplish upon this Planet and we are proving so. So stand up and be counted. Light those candles for Planet Earth and all of Her Kingdoms, below, on, and above. Speak out your Truth and know that the Truth of your Truth is that it comes on the Blue Wave, and you know where the Planet is headed, and you know that you are making a huge contribution to this direction!
Send compassionate Love to all, and yes, empower that one's great voice, the one we call Gaby to speak again. She is a very special messenger. You might call her an envoy to Planet Earth. She and her husband know full well the Truth of Who We Are, and why we're here. There are no accidents - she was targeted as a warning to others to look away from us, or to form a different opinion of us, than that which is Truth of what we speak. It was to inspire fear. And there are other events that are going on. There are those who are being targeted still, and you're hearing about them and you're wondering why are they letting this go on. The Truth of it is, Beloved Ones, because the World needs to see. The World needs to come together.
"Will there be another 9/11 event, is that what you're talking about, Ashtar?" No indeed! But there are some individuals who come with so much Love, and so much purpose, and so much passion for being in service that they take part in these events, so that others can wake-up, feel the Truth and know what it is that they choose to call forth, because that is what they're here to do. This is not limited, Beloved Ones, this is not limited to the Kingdoms of the humans. So treasure the animals, all of them, and the plants, who volunteer in a way, in their own way, to be a part of this. And if you grieve, allow it, but come together in passionate Love, and light the candle and speak to them directly, the Love and appreciation you have for them and for the service they are performing in the name of Love.
There are many of us with Gaby and with the others, as we have said. And she does have the will to join the Truth tellers. We are doing at her invitation that which we can do to help her physical self to recover, but we can assure you that she knows that we are with her, and most particularly she is safe in the arms of her Angel. And that during this time out is an opportunity for everyone to send the Love, and the healing energies to her and to all involved, and indeed to the Planet as a whole. So we shall join together in that mission, and in that purpose, because when there is Love that heals, then the outcome is Divinely assured. And that is what we are here to do, Beloved Ones, to rise to these multiple occasions, to be connected with All That We Are, our higher selves, our spiritual selves, with the Divinity we are, and with each other.
And we come together in mission, and service, and purpose. And if you choose to repeat this Exercise you have only to ask for the recording so that you may repeat it, and if you do, remember that you can give intent to be back once more with this group, as we co-create this exercise of Peace for the Planet, and for the Universe beyond.
We shall be transmuting fear, and moving into the highest vibrations, that which is Love. And so I, Ashtar, choose now to express my Love to each and every one of you, and to thank you, Beloved Ones, for coming, not so much to hear the words, because you already knew at least enough of the Truth, and we are confirming that which you know, but to move beyond into the High Realm, and to join together once more in holy, sacred, Divine and purposeful mission, because together we can help the World to move beyond this time of violence, and into the Golden Age of Love. Let Peace prevail for all!  And so it is!
I, Ashtar, and the entire Ashtar Command, and this great Company gathered together, salute you Beloved Ones, and thank you for being with us. And so it is! Salut!
Given through Susan Leland, January 11, 2011  www.AshtarontheRoad.com  Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved.  *