11:11:11 Portal of Self

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  11:11:11 Portal of Self
3.)  Ashtar Teleconference, 11/01/11
4.)  Believe that it IS possible
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  God-given Knowledge

Isis' Message of the Day -
"All is one.  Anything else is an illusion. So shed the illusion of separation. Shed the illusion of separation first within yourself by honoring, acknowledging and expressing all that you are, by honoring, acknowledging and expressing the plurality that you are, by honoring, acknowledging and expressing the fullness  of all that you are."

~ Melchizedek ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- Who Steals Your Power?
The human state or condition has access to the same level of power that exists within the higher dimensions of being. The achievement of any level of spiritual growth is not an opportunity to take on additional power because everything in the Universe has equal power as it all emanates from the same source. What changes with the increase in vibration is the connection to source, which also allows for a greater understanding of the self as divine and the awareness of power. So while additional power cannot be granted to anyone, power cannot be taken away either. 
Those who appear to steal your power are able to convince you to give it to them, and you do so willingly. You do this when you think someone is incapable of being powerful, that they cannot manage their life, that they have less ability or opportunity than you do or that they can live your life more fully and powerfully with your power than you can. These people receive the gift of your power, which you volunteer with a loving heart, which they then take as their own. Now they have the benefit of their own power (which they always had) and yours too. 
It is not necessary to help others by giving power to them. While some may appear to be helpless and lack resources, this comes from the mis-use or under-utilization of their power. It is not possible for someone to be less than other but they can manifest less and live within the illusion that they are powerless. Everyone has power and is powerful. If they do not use their power wisely, fully or to benefit themselves, they are creating a lesson in the use and acknowledgement of power and of themselves as powerful in their lives. Helping others in a powerful way is done with the reminder that they are powerful and have all the power they need to change their life and you will help them remember that as you cheer them on-without giving away your own power. 
Acknowledging someone's power is the greatest gift you can give them, as you know and see them as powerful and remind them of the full scope and presence of their Source connection and its unlimited power. Then you allow them to learn to use their power without doing the work for them. They will find the means to reconnect with their power and provide themselves with proof of their powerful inner resources that can be activated as they need them. And no one will seek another's power because they feel their resources are inadequate and everyone lives within the fullness of their power as they experience and express their abilities and gifts in ways that create abundant blessings in their life.
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About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder ofwww.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.   * Enlightening Life  www.enlighteninglife.com  *  email: Support@enlighteninglife.com * Uriel Heals | Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. | PO Box7076 | Lee's Summit | MO | 64064 *           

11:11:11 Portal of Self
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
You sit at a longitude and latitude that requests the presence of a higher level of your own light.  Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you knowingly seek. The next level of attunement that you seek lives within the solar crossings of your light and thoughts.  For eons humans have thought of themselves as body, mind, and absent out of sight spirit. As the night energies come forth Spirit steps out of the shadow of the old self and takes on a new level of transference. Your humanness becomes multifaceted.  Your mind becomes multifaceted.  Your spirit stands ready to take you to uncharted territory. Everything stretches itself looking for more of its true identity. 
The energies of the 11:11:11 portal of self are accentuated by natural sounds. Use the silent sounds within your own internal universe. Allow the pulsing of your blood, the beat of your heart, the sound of your breath to be heard as music. Even the cracking of your knees and bones gives to you the sound of life, in all its frailties and vulnerabilities. Humanly you expand, and spiritually you soar. There are many new avenues of flight and expansion available. There is no longer just white tiles or black tiles, but there exists a gray neutral area that asks you to enter. The gray says that you can sit and rest as your self decides about right or wrong, dark or light, good or bad.  The gray area is neutral, free of comment, free of pressure and stress. Use this gray time to decipher all the encoding and secrets of life that live within your energy experience. 
You exist multi-dimensionality. All of your actions of earth are as a centerpiece. You are an intersection of dimensional fluxes and experiences. All of your choices here on earth also influence the outcomes of other stellar and bio-cellular experiences. All avenues of time and space deliver you messages, incoming and out going. 
As you sit at the energy doorway of 11:11:11, you will become a deciding factor.  For so long human beings have frowned upon their very existence, and their day to day special effects. They have frowned upon what seems in-just and unjust, seeing themselves as victims of the universe. 
You have been told since time began that ye are Gods. This place that you reside upon is a place of Gods, a Mecca of Prophets.  A place where those that are destined for greatness meet to play and act out with one another.  As you stand in this Creational portal there will be no more excuses.  There will be no more victims. Everything that you do in upcoming time influences the outcome of events to be seen.  Every negative thought that you have about yourself or others shifts the scales of polarity in a to and fro experience. 
Every positive thought that you have shifts in accordance with your energy interpretation of events.  No longer are you at the mercy of others.  All of life and light sits and awaits your actions, your thoughts, and your interpretation. In the mind fields of human evolvement, there is a tendency for you to hold on to what keeps you afloat. 
These 11:11 doorways are continually expanding and contracting in accordance with humanity. As one who stands in front of an automatic door walking back and forth before making up their mind – should they enter or should they exit.  You no longer have the luxury of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and contraction for all movement forward is taken as such and agreed upon by the quantum particles.  All movement backward is also taken verbatim. 
It is time to make internal peace. It is necessary before you can ever see the external peace that you so seek.  Another cannot birth peace for you, only self has that ability. It is time for you to enter all that you have held secret and sacred within yourselves.  Everything that you seek lives within the cellular memory and the DNA composition. 
Your every word, your every thought, your every intention is received as a child who plays within all of life. Octaves of what is hidden reveals itself as a scroll that is rolled out to be read in the language of the heart, not understood by the eyes.  Everything holds a holy composition within it.  We are living light within sound.  Within your words, within your voice is living light.  You are the Language of Light that you so seek to speak. The geometry’s of your words and your intent is felt above all other things.  We leave.
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Ashtar Teleconference, 11/01/11
Given through Susan Leland
Well, Greetings Beloved Family! It is so joyful - we have a crowd! Aaah! Thank you so much for answering our invitation to be with us! We have a lot to say as always, but we want to say something to those of you who were here in this space when you gave that greeting that we asked that you give to those who are listening. It created a connection. You are Family greeting Family. And even though you might not recognize us - the voices you heard when they said 'Hello!' - and even though those of you who are not here in this room do not know exactly the faces of all of the wondrous ones who are here, you created connection in a way that is ancient, and that recognizes, because you do know each other, because you have been together in physicality before at some point or other, and most especially when you [first] came [to Planet Earth]. 
There are no accidents, and no one is left out. It is absolutely essential that you recognize Who You Really Are, and Who You're Really Part Of, and that's One. Very simple, a three letter word in your language. One - it's a three letter word in a lot of languages that are spoken here on Planet Earth. And it really comes together beautifully! One. And the symbol for it, well there are many wondrous representations of One, but a heart does very well. 
So what happened is that you joined hearts, and this is most appropriate for this particular time. Don't you just love all the ones on your calendar today? Woo Hoo! New Beginnings! The momentum was created by those who attended this Demystifying event. How about that? You are momentum creators. And for those of you who have yet to join in this event, please do, because there is no such thing as time. And you can add to the momentum, you can add to the many Lights that were lit even higher. And those Lights are still lit!!! 
Many, many, many, beings in the Human Kingdom around the World were awakened by the energies of Love that were created and sent forth from this gathering! This is quantum physics. This is reality. This is high dimensional Truth. There was so much Love, so much Oneness, and so much Joy. Yes it was fun, and yes the music, oh, and the dancers, and all of it was so beautiful, glorious. And yes there were words spoken as well as sung, and there messages that were given. It was so easy to greet everyone, by everyone, because there was recognition that this was Family coming together for a great reunion!!! 
So you who are about to be a part of this, know that this is for you as well. Those who came are honored for their participation, and so are you who have yet to join. And you'll feel the shifts. Oh yes, we're going to talk about shifts that are happening now, things that might not have even been possible a year ago, a month ago in your time, as you measure them. They are not only happening, they're getting done, and everything is flowing in a direction. Well, you heard it from Tara and Rama. 
They made a grand announcement! Be with that, and as they have counseled so many times, put your Love into the news that they give. Because, this is news coming from the very highest sources. They get what's going on behind the scenes directly from KOS himself, and others. One day KOS called Master Rama and said, 'Hang on a moment, I have someone here to speak with you!' And it was [President] Obama. KOS and Obama are much together these days. Well they have been ever since Obama came, and they were communicating before that. King of Swords, look him up, you can go to the website. We are not here to discuss all of these relationships, except as they relate to you Beloved Ones, because we're all Family. And everything that KOS does, everything that Obama does - that's you in expression. 
You are empowering Obama to speak of Love. You are empowering Obama to do his mission, which is to be the Ambassador of Love that he came here to be. You are empowering Obama to make these Announcements that are soon to be made...Continued..
Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, November 1, 2011 * www.AshtarontheRoad.com  *            

Believe that it IS possible
by Neale Donald Walsch
November 2011
Hello my wonderful friends...
I have been asked many times, how can one create what you, Neale, call "the holy experience?"
Well, the first step is believing that it is possible for you to have it.
Now you may think that this is an elementary step--almost a given. Yet for many people this a very difficult step because they find it hard to believe that any kind of "holy experience" can happen to them.
(1) Some believe it is impossible to have the Holy Experience because they do not believe that such an experience even exists.
(2) Others believe it is impossible to have such an experience because, while it may exist, they do not know what it is or how to access it. They believe it is understandable and accessible only to ascetics and monks and holy ones-- people who have devoted their entire lives to the search for inner truth and higher realities.
(3) Finally, still others believe that while it may be accessible to regular, ordinary people, they, themselves, are not worthy. They believe this for one reason or another. Some feel that there is something specific that a person has to be, do, or have in order to enter into the Holy Experience. It is, they believe, reserved for a special class of people who, while they may be ordinary, are single-minded in their determination to know of this experience, and are clear that their particular doctrine--which tells them that there is only one way to have the Holy Experience--is absolute and correct and is to be applied without exception.
Finally, there are those who feel that because of their own behavior in this life, they are not sufficiently "holy" to have the experience in any event. It is with these varying ideas that people approach the Holy Experience-- and life itself. And ideas, of course, rule all human experience. The idea that one has about anything produces one's reality around that. And where do ideas have their birth? In how you look at things. Your perspective about a thing is what creates your idea about it.
If your perspective is created by your Mind, it will be based on Data. If your perspective is created by your Soul, it will be based on Awareness. If your perspective is created by your Mind and your Soul, working co-jointly, it will create Wisdom.
Perspective creates perception, perception creates belief, and belief creates experience. The experience that belief creates for you is what you call "truth."
(For a wonderful and rich explanation of this, see When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Emnin Books, distributed by Hay House.)
Because I know this, I try very hard these days to look at everything from the perspective of my highest desire. This means not looking at things through the prism of what I expect or imagine or think realistically will happen, but rather, seeing things as I choose and desire for them to happen.
This is not easy. I find that I have been programmed by society itself to look for the worst in everything, to anticipate the least desirable outcome, to worry about and fret about and agonize over how bad things can be, rather than how good something could turn out.
I have had to fight this tendency toward pessimism all my life. What's funny about this is that I am at the very same time the supreme optimist. I believe that I walk in luck, that God is always with me, that everything good happens to me, and that I can emerge from any difficulty--any jam, any situation--and land on my feet.
So these are the two sides of me. Fortunately, the positive side shows itself 80% of the time and the negative only 20% of the time--but both sides are definitely there. So I have to remember to think positively and eliminate negative thoughts from my mental diet. I've got to come from the Awareness of the Soul and not the Data of my Mind.
More next week.

Hugs and love,

P.S. The thoughts above come from The Holy Experience, a full-length book that you may download for free at www.nealedonaldwalsch.com. Simply click on the Free Resources icon. *
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * (http://www.cwg.org) * Blog: *www.TheAlternativeVoice.org  *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
There are many in this world right now who are living from a place of fear; living from a place of anger; feeling that they have been disrespected, disowned, displaced. Any time they come to mind, say to them mentally, “You are my brother, you are my sister. I include you in my bubble of love.
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HEAVEN #4005
God-given Knowledge
November 12, 2011
God said:
Just as tree trunks and shale have layers, so do you. You are many-layered. I am speaking of your consciousness. You have surface layers, and you have buried layers. Within, you hold many layers that are secrets to yourself. Absolutely, you know far more than you credit yourself with. Within you, within your Being, lie all kinds of awareness, yet there is something within you that prevents you from acknowledging clearly all that you know.
There is the sense in which we could think of you as a wolf-child. You have an uncanny layer of you that has not been domesticated and for which you have no vocabulary. Sometimes it seems like a game you play where you ford off the truth that lies within you, some deeply buried, some closer to the surface. You go only so far and prevent yourself from going further. You fear to tread.
You are wise beyond your years. You hold the wisdom of the Universe, and yet you have dealt with what you know. It is like an invisible line has been drawn, and, with all your might, you will not pass that arbitrary line. You could leap over it in a trice, and yet you dissemble. You have reached the Ocean and yet cannot quite dare to step into the water.
What is it you fear you will lose when you step into unchartered waters? Of course, you will leave yesteryear. You will leave dry land for the tides of the Ocean. Why is this scary for you? What is so frightening about losing ignorance and gaining a new knowledge more important than what lies in books? Books hint at this supreme knowledge that you are so close to. You could reach out and touch it, and yet you fear to let go of the worn path that everyone has walked on. You are afraid of claiming yourself. You are afraid to let go of your foothold. You are afraid to leave the forest and walk into the sea.
Once you step into the Ocean, you will know that the water is fine. You cannot drown. Well, only in joy can you drown. You want that complete joy at the same time as you fear it. You fear the Unknown, beloveds, when, all the while, you keep yourself unknown to yourself.
You hesitate to reach out your hand and grasp a million dollars. You are yet afraid to claim the wealth that you are. Perhaps you are afraid that the minute the wealth is handed to you, it will be taken away or fly away, or you fear that in some way your hand will be left empty.
It is too much to claim the gold that is yours only for it to disappear. However, the gold We speak of cannot be taken away. Once you experience it, you've got it. From then on, you can dive into the Ocean at will. By the same token, you can stride across the world. You can climb the highest mountain. You can reach the stars. You can ride on the moon. You can gaze closely at the sun and warm yourself and the entire Universe. No longer fear leaving dry land. You can be more than a vestige of yourself. You can fly. You can swim. You can dare.
You can leave limits behind you. You can walk away from limits. You can see through anything and everything. You no longer need to fool yourself. You no longer need to play the fool. Unless you rise to the knowledge that you truly are, you have fooled yourself. You may have fooled everyone. At the same time, everyone knows better. You know better. You are far more credentialed than you will concede to.
Now, today, allow the possibility of Great Knowledge offering itself to you, and grab it. Grab it as one who is starving for God-given wisdom.
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