10-10-10 Transmission From The Pleiades

10.10.10 transmission from the Pleiades

Transmission from my Pleiades connection

10.10.10 - We are honored to make this connection and bear witness to a time of great joy for mankind. We are empowered to take on board a new vision, one of greater acceptance, and we offer our solution for mankind in a world of peace and harmony. We are enchanted with your progress and we offer you a way back home; we are ignited with joy, transcending even our wildest expectations, regenerated and given impetuous to forge ahead onto greener pastures. We have demonstrated what is necessary for this conjunction of minds and we deliver to you the prowess that will enable you to uphold the hearts of the nation. We are bound on a course for the stars, of that there is no doubt, and we ask you to enable us to pass on these messages as they come in from the ethers. We recreate a time of perfect harmony; perfect seership and we recruit as many of you as we can muster from the ranks of the esteemed, enlightening you as to our progress day by day. We have grown in our own estimation to heights unparalleled, and we do justice to those words whispered in our ear. We succumb to the sights and sounds of the universe, invigorated and brought to bear witness of a greater landscape waiting on the horizon. We oversee a most important project, one that has been our greatest wish . . . a desire to set the world to rights! We have long been your accomplices in this plan and we make this trek across the universe to settle this once and for all. We have tired of the constant barrage of abuse laid at our door and we make restitution, forward planning our action to coincide within a pattern and structure of our own making. We have taken a slice of Earth so to speak and laid out our divine plan, allowing a grand reclamation of souls to repopulate our new structure. This is through no morbid fascination on our part, but as a complete necessity in helping mankind. We open the portal and let you through, sharing with us in a new world of ample proportions, and this new world will bring you all the greatest of joy, beyond all comparison, as we delve deeper and deeper into this most exquisite and humbling experience!

We have justly been called your compatriots and we now launch ourselves in a new direction, giving ample access to one and all. We supply, within reason, all that is requested and we do the best to accommodate you in a style fashioned to suit your purpose. We are, without question, the most sought after of our species and we connect on that frequency that is held in high esteem. We allow you to transcend those physical properties that have held you back, integrating a far more salubrious connection with the unseen. We approach you by means of a telepathic connection and this can be, in some instances, all that is needed; however, we transcend the physical and reconnect on a higher level that is regarded to be of some consequence. We let it be known in this world and the next that we are bona fide examples of the courage and strength needed to fight for the cause, to save mankind from total extinction! We stand up to be counted and we ask that you do the same . . . we implore you not to lose touch of who you are and where you come from! We take you to task for leaving it so long to loosen your grip on reality as you see it, and to spread your wings and fly to healthier climes. We beseech you to remember . . . to access that deepest recess which holds your identity, and we ponder over these issues that hold firmly in our hearts and minds, beckoning to be looked at more closely! We align ourselves with each and every one of you on the Earth plane at this time, and we reconnect, not forgetting the line of descent. We are truly your ancestors and we hold you in the highest esteem, championing the cause and helping the ‘Children of Earth’ to come to terms with the fact that we are one and the same! We hold no grudges and we enable a grand connection of minds to set you free.

Why would you hold a grudge and for what? Once upon a time, long ago, there was a Starship enterprise that found its way across the universe, developing and overseeing projects on Earth below. We set great store in our mission on Earth for she was cultivated as a breeding ground for a new race of mortals, known as humans. We intercepted at a level in keeping with our policies, advising on protocols as and when necessary to keep the peace. We allowed at intervals a certain propagation of species unrelated to the human population and this became, to all intents and purposes, a scientific study which resulted in a multi-cultural society. We initiated a raw understanding of what can be achieved on a grand scale across the world, and we decorated the hearts and minds of mankind with an overpowering sense of love and companionship, working together in harmony. Then what happened? We sampled many problematic conditions that caused our decline. We became, to all intents and purposes, a nation of child molesters, leaving our hearts empty and cold; we rained down abuse and mistrust on a grand scale, causing our demise! There was the necessity of a grand cleansing and to this end we relieved you of your shortcomings. We have prepared for such events in the near future and we protect you from yourselves, motioning for you to tread a more meaningful pathway. We enlighten you to the ways and means of achieving success with deeper harmony, expressing ourselves in a way that will challenge the establishment in more ways than one! We are open for discussion and allow you to present your views on this subject. We have challenged you to accept these conditions as a way forward and we antagonize a nation in distress, addressing those very issues that surface for recognition once more! We are allotted a time frame that represents Earth long ago, and we aim to refurbish you with all necessary data to accommodate the nation as a whole. We are well prepared and we assist you in this departure from ordinary linear mode to a time warp of considerable success! We blatantly take the bull by the horns and deliver, in timely fashion, a most benevolent study of the human race, and it gives us great pleasure to come to your aid! We give thanks for this opportunity to put things right and shower you with our love, we most definitely do not want a repeat performance of past mistakes and sanction a retrieval of energies to populate our new world. We are reconditioned to accept the impossible and we re-stake our claim of everlasting love and peace on Earth!

For those who fear we will be used as a food source, I am adding this postscript: We would like to point out that we have not, nor ever have had, inclinations other than the purest towards our cousins on Earth. We find the whole idea as sordid when confronted with a barrage of abuse, outlining us as vermin who would consume the human race! We are by very nature a peaceful and loving community; we see those on Earth as our brethren and we bend over backwards to help and guide you towards your destiny. It is with the purest intent that we allow you to convene with us, and we hold you in the most loving vibration as we unfold your destiny.

Taken from transmissions for ‘New Visions for the Future of Mankind’ Volume II