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Archangel Ariel: The Living Matrix
Received by Isaac George
October 2-4, 2010
Greetings of Peace,
Part 1: Shifting Foundations, or “where do I hang my hat now?”
After a year’s hiatus by the channel, I, Ariel, return to offer a discourse relevant to these times, and your place in them. The ‘we’ refers to our own multi-dimensional nature and also infers that other beings of Light are also contributing, such as St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Magdalene,  and Yeshua (the one you also know as Jesus the Christ). This is a cooperative transmission, for the energies of change are of such an intense level, and building.
There is a considerable volume of information to impart, and the topics touched upon here are but the tip of the iceberg. Think of this transmission as a ‘mini-book’ or road map, for we will expand on some of the points covered here in greater detail in future transmissions.
Many parallels are converging and collapsing, and much is coming to awareness that was previously held in denial or secret. The stimulation of consciousness on the planet is occurring through various agents of Consciousness Itself, such as the astrological cycles, the cosmic fire emanating from the core of the Galaxy, and the vast magnetic shifts within your Sun and other planets within the Solar System. All is poised for the crescendo, the final act, although in the realms of time/space, this is still to be played out over the next 4-5 years…as you know the count of time. We still maintain the watch over and through that which you call the process of Ascension, and as we stated almost two decades ago, this is not a process that takes you anywhere, except into the core of Who You Are, into your Divinity, your Light, and into the realization of the truth of your Being. This ‘final act’ is but an ending of one thing, and the initiation of the next thing. Cycles are part of the fabric of the Universe within the Dream/Game, the cosmic clockwork that you/we/Us co-created to explore our I Am together. 
The perfection of this Universe already exists at the elemental levels. It is only what has occurred with it through fear and doubt that you are able to experience disharmony; stresses of body, mind and spirit, and death. When fear entered in through the subtle realms of the collective mind of all entities aeons ago, the ‘split’ happened and the sense of separation, or losing the connection to Creator, began. This spun a portion of the elemental ethers into an isolated vortex of living consciousness or matrix, what you now refer to as this Universe. Even though the heart of Creator pulses through the elemental matrix of this seemingly isolated aspect of creation, it is maintained through infinite wisdom and compassion, knowing that the error you call fear will be overcome. The illusions of this Universe will then dissolve, revealing the real Reality that has been previously obscured. What should be of interest to you is that none of what we have just described is outside of you, although you see it with your physical eyes. It is all an inside job!
By way of further illustration, the Christ spoke of this during His ministry upon the Earth two millennia ago, when He stated “My Kingdom is not of this world.” Where is this ‘kingdom’ then? Far beyond what you are familiar looking at, and of imagining, and this includes all models of what you refer to as the dimensions and multi-universes. It’s none of it and yet it also is all of ‘it.’  All of this manifested glory of Spirit is not ‘It’, but a pointer to ‘It’, if you follow. You, all of you (and all of us) are the agents of and participants in this creation. However, if you try to nail Jell-O to a wall, it will not stick. That means it is more important to know that all you need to know right now is what you do know…right now. The ‘kingdom’ isn’t ‘out there’, remember? It is inside of you, and therefore beyond all of that which is manifest.
In a sense, this Living Matrix is sustaining the processes of creation-destruction-creation, spiralling upward and inward at ever-increasing velocities. The expansion of the Universe appears to be accelerating, according to the latest scientific observation. Remember, however, that when observing through the filter of scientific conditioning, and a limited ability to measure that which is beyond the range of your current technology, things are not as they appear. This acceleration is felt as the perception of time speeding up almost to the point of collapse. Indeed, is that not what your Mayan Calendar describes? And, so it is.
We would like to point out some of the effects of this acceleration/deceleration process, and how to deal with them in the next segments. 

Part 2: “If everything is so good, then why does everything look so bad?”
Ever since the beginning of the current cycle of awakening that began in the early 1970’s, a virtual avalanche of channelled material has described the uplifting of the human race and the Planetary Consciousness as an ‘ascension’ that was expected during the next four decades. All of the ancient prophecies and more contemporary prophets all agreed that the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century would be a time of great spiritual awakening and renewal. On the other side of the coin, many other prophets and researchers warned of an impending cycle of upheavals and disasters that would be akin to the ‘end of the world’.
To those who have gravitated to one New Age philosophy or another, all of what appears to be happening is ‘perfect’ and good. This is a wonderful sentiment, but one that does little to comfort many who have become disillusioned by their beliefs, or who find themselves betrayed or abused by opportunistic gurus or New Thought teachers. Discernment is often a difficult challenge, especially for beings that still have not healed their patterns of co-dependency or conditioned behaviors with regards to spiritual authorities and spiritual ‘rules’. It is a rare soul who embraces their sovereignty, and it is usually only embraced after many difficult lessons.
Remembering that all of this is essentially an inside job, it is useful to examine yourself and gently monitor where you are harbouring negative thoughts/thinking, and equally useful to scrutinize where you are also attempting to live on ‘hope’ and purely positive thinking. This reminder is given to illustrate the very nature of polarity and the error of adhering to either pole based on judgments of good or bad. Better to deal in Reality, to align with the ‘kingdom that is not of this world’ than to attempt to squash the negative and emphasize the positive (or, in the case of the pessimist, ignore the positive and wallow in the negative). Self-pity or false detachment cannot be sustained in the energies of Consciousness, for they are aligned with separation and enemy patterning.
As you may have noticed, this paradox is demonstrated daily in the current events around you on the Planet…
The environment is disintegrating. Entire species are leaving the planet en masse. Madness seems to have gripped many, and is manifesting as senseless acts of isolated violence, or organized state-sponsored wars or terrorism. The dysfunctional economic systems based on greed and avarice are dissolving, even as the façade is propped up by more smoke and mirrors, and trillions in future tax obligations. Debt is a form of control, and shame is its companion.
The abuse and insanity of the mainstream religious doctrines are slowly coming to the surface, but all is yet to be revealed. No longer do your elected officials represent you, as they are owned now by multi-national corporations through the hidden network of the so-called ‘dark forces.’
To balance this, many Lightworkers are diligently doing the work of the self, and being available to aid others who are struggling to awaken, or who are barely able to cope with their life situation. Those of you who desire to realize your own Being, and come into greater wholeness, are the capacitors that assist in the braking process, and hold the balance through their embodiment of Presence. Another awakened one has described such individuals as ‘frequency holders.’
It would be most useful to realize this: whenever you attempt to ignore that which is negative outside of you, then you are in denial of the negativity that you haven’t yet confronted within you. Whenever you pray to change the appearance or behaviour of other beings, including the ‘dark forces’ (and remember, in a polarity-based system you need the dark forces for contrast), then you are essentially feeding energy to that side of the polarity. Is this wrong? Not really, but it certainly isn’t helpful, to you or anyone else. The Master Yeshua described the solution to this dilemma as “resist not evil”. Which is to say, evil happens…but don’t add to the problem, okay? Avoid power struggles!
So everything looks like it’s headed for the hot place in a hand-basket. And, of course it isn’t…eventually. However, this is but one moment in a process that will encompass the greater part of this decade and beyond it. The bigger picture is not controllable by one person, or even larger groups of individuals. How you respond to the challenges of these times, and the times to come will be of major influence.
Everything is neither intrinsically good or bad. Evil is ‘live’ reversed. The increasing influx of Spirit is the cause of the chaos and disruption, as all that is held in separation and resistance is called forth to dissolve and dissipate. This sets up the end of the polarity, not only at this level and in this Universe, but throughout all of the levels of manifested Universes and dimensions. Game, set, and match.

Part 3: Astral Amnesia or “Boogies? What boogies?
Now, part of the agreement you unconsciously made (and everyone is in on this one) is to forget that there are other players in the process. We are referring to those ones known as negative entities or the dark forces. Part of the amnesia agreement was to collectively decide that ‘dark entities’, demons and their ilk all packed their bags and left once the Renaissance happened and the Age of Reason and Science began. The agreement tacitly stated that you would pretend that all of that was now myth, and belonged to an age of superstition or the Middle Ages, and that it was therefore no longer relevant. What a creative and clever self-deception!  Of course, that isn’t what happened. Just because 400 years of empirical thought occurred, it did not consign the dark forces to the dustbin of history. Look at all that has transpired since then, and see if you cannot discern that by denying these influences they’ve had a field day. “Hey, they don’t believe in us anymore, and we can get away with even more mischief!” became the rallying cry. As you may be aware, back in Palestine circa 30 C.E., Yeshua and his closest followers went around regularly busting boogies (dark or misguided spirits).

To think that they’d been all handled and shuffled out of the Planet’s lower astral dimensions back then is a bit naïve. Of course, the current fashion has been to describe thoughts and behaviors you or anyone else might have as ‘aspects’ of your self. You may wish to use this to describe lower or negative emotions or patterns, but we shall not. You may think that these qualities are ‘you’, but then, you are entitled to your opinion. It is not appropriate to define anyone else’s reality for them.
The subject of busting boogies, or owning your shadow stuff, is a rather delicate topic, especially for Lightworkers. If you think you’re ‘beyond it all’, then look again. Many of you reading this may have repeatedly run into a metaphysical brick wall in your life of spiritual unfoldment, and wondered what happened. ‘Geez, I almost became enlightened. What went wrong?’ might sound familiar. Sometimes this brick wall shows up as a dysfunctional and draining karmic relationship, or perhaps a financial setback, or a sudden major illness or auto accident. Whatever it is or was, it would be essential to recognize one basic truth. Your Divinity resides in you, and is of you, and there is no part of You that isn’t available to help you to the full realization of your Divinity, and all the fun, sovereignty, and peace that is naturally part of all that. And anything that does not demonstrate that is your shadow stuff, which is reinforced by your boogies.
If you have a pattern of dependency or co-dependency with other humans (or angels and even gurus or spiritual masters for that matter), then that just may make your subconscious mind a fertile playground for any entities that have unresolved human stuff. These guys and gals love to fiddle with your psyche and ‘hot spots’- unresolved emotional traumas and/or negative belief patterns. No one does this without your permission, whether conscious or not. No one is a victim in the Universe; it’s just not set up that way. You have the power of choosing, and you can always call upon this power to choose in order to do your metaphysical ‘housecleaning’. We like to call it ‘spiritual hygiene.’
If you are feeling loads of doubt and have self-worth issues, then the following exercise is for you. And anytime you are feeling despondent or depressed, use this tool in a proactive way. Who knows, you may have been going on for days thinking about an old relationship that ended badly, and your regrets, guilt or hurt feelings may have attracted a crowd who wants to commiserate with you. You don’t need that baggage! 
Sovereignty, spiritual integrity and your Being self can only be realized when you’ve closed all the doors in your subconscious to outside influences. This may also include the opinions of others that you cherish as being wise and prudent. Those opinions might be true…for them.
Preparation: First thing, you are very well protected. Once you call out your boogies, they’re busted, and no longer have the power to influence you. Perhaps in a moment of weakness and fear you played ‘let’s make a deal’ with some of these guys. You needed help, but were ignorant of the Master you are, and so you traded your sovereignty for fame, fortune, or the desire to be loved. Perhaps they wanted to have another experience of meeting their unmet needs and unfulfilled desires through you. Perhaps one or two of them traded their help to you so that they could experience sex or food, or maybe they just missed human conversation. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t for your, or their, highest good.
BB (busting boogies) Process:
Now, you can view this exercise as something fun, instead of the usual spooky stuff. After all, you are gifting yourself and your boogies freedom. Mutual liberation is a wonderful thing!
Just close your eyes and breathe deeply. Just begin the process by inviting any spirits that might be present to come forward and become visible to your inner sight. One way that helps this to manifest is to send out a strong feeling or thought form that you mean them no harm or ill will. You might feel funny things in your fields or your body. This is normal. What is also normal is that weird emotions may arise, like anger, frustration, impatience, or a belief that ‘this stuff ever works.’ This is your boogies talking. Just keep your focus.
Imagine that you are standing on a stage or platform. Then, invoke (ask) Archangel Michael to bring down a tunnel of Light to the stage/platform. Now invite these entities to step forward. There may be just one, or there may be a whole bunch of them. No matter, all is well. Now, in your imagination, address them with a speech something like this:
“Hey guys, thanks for coming forward. I want you to know that I am honoured to be the one to assist you in your process, and I am grateful for the help you tried to give to me.
I’m letting you know that our deal is done, and I thank you for being there when I didn’t know any better. So, I am breaking all the agreements and contracts, and its time for you to move on.”  It is best to say this in any way that most appeals to you, and say it from your heart.
If it helps, imagine giving them helium balloons of different colors. Then, breathe deeply, and blow outwards for all your worth, sending them wafting into the Tunnel of Light, and up to the Halls of Healing where they’ll be well-looked after. Or, throw them a farewell party, complete with party favors, cake and fireworks.This work doesn’t have to be serious or boring!
After they’re gone, thank the Light for taking them Home, and ask AA Michael to return the Tunnel of Light to where it came from. Then, just end the process with a few silent chanted ‘I Am’s” or deep breaths and that’s it!
You might wish to access other effective tools that are aligned to this process in many ways. See the channel’s footnotes at the end of this transmission for further details. A further exploration of the so-called ‘dark forces’, along with techniques and tools for dealing with such energies will be addressed in a future transmission.
Recommendation: Again, we suggest you avoid power struggles. You don’t have the power to tell entities where to go. Light and Love are the superior power, not your ego.

Part 4: "The Return of the King – Advent of the Divine Masculine"
With all the talk of the return of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine principle, it is now appropriate to speak about the Divine Masculine. During the last decade of the previous century, the predominant male archetype in spiritual circles was becoming the ‘sensitive, New Age guy’. Men got in touch with their feminine polarity. In the 80’s it was drumming and loincloths, but in the 90’s it was chanting, meditation and Tantra. In this millennium it is time to reclaim and integrate the Divine Masculine into the male psyche, without losing the sensitivity gained through deep inner work on the emotions and mental patterns that have defined the dominant paradigm of Patriarchy for the past 8,000-10,000 years.
What does this Divine Masculine look like? When in relationship with the feminine, there is a capacity to listen, to hold space, and to reflect. When in community, there is the capacity to cooperate instead of competing and to nurture and protect the female members, the elderly and the young. However, the elemental masculine energy of dynamic action will also be making an appearance shortly. It is the archetype of action that is the core of the masculine. To lead, to initiate, to command, these are the qualities of a whole male human being.
There needs to be strength in equal measure to softness, courage in equal measure to surrender. This is the masculine Christ archetype, as revealed in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. He was depicted as meek and long-suffering in many religious traditions, and also a friend to women, the oppressed and the outcasts. He was also a powerful and potent debater with the authorities of the day, and He even spoke out openly against the hypocrisy and corruption of the priesthood, in public and to their faces. He was no soft touch, with anyone. His honesty and clarity exploded the bubble of politeness and social convention of His day, and there were many who did not take this well. This was a man who was beholden to no one, and seldom has this quality appeared on the Planet since those times. Truly, Spirit is no respecter of persons.
The new Masculine will be dynamically wedded to the Feminine, within and without. This is the outcome of this current cycle, and initially there will be examples of this appearing in individuals around the Planet in the coming months. Fearlessness and compassion are the signatures of this powerful change occurring within the collective masculine domain. Welcome and support it, for you will need these energies to weather the storms that are still to come.

Part 5: "You are standing on holy ground…so take off your shoes!"
Our final topic is perhaps the most important item on the menu. How your physical body manages the energies and frequencies that it is being asked to deal with is no small matter. The topic is grounding.  Not just spiritual grounding, but physical grounding. Ultimately, this also addresses grounding etherically and otherwise.
Most people living in modern societies are not grounded properly. Being airy-fairy is not what we are speaking of here, although that is taken into consideration. The Earth is your abode, and all animate life on it resides within the electro-magnetic envelope that the molten iron core of the Planet generates, and which surrounds you and penetrates all life-forms all of the time…except if you live in modern structures, wear shoes, and wear non-conductive clothing. This has now become a major problem.  Living insulated and disconnected from the telluric forces within the living body of the Earth, which is a living matrix of electro-magnetic emanations, is the cause of many of the health issues you experience today. Remember that in the preface of this transmission when we made reference to the principle that the perfection of the Creative Forces, or Spirit, exists within the elemental forces of the physical Universe? Separation from Nature, from the Earth, is a metaphor. It symbolizes that spiritual separation, and goes further because it directly affects your physical bodies. The process of Ascension is distorted when you have a faulty ground!
Some sources indicate to you that you should be sending grounding cords out from the bottom of your feet or spine all the way to the molten core of the Earth. We have always indicated that your primary grounding is most effective with your body touching the Earth directly, and that the real action is happening between the surface and six inches deep into the ground. This is the ‘skin’ or boundary point in which free electrons congregate, and it is these electrons, which have a negative charge, that can quickly rise into your body through your feet, or hands of your whole body, and begin to overpower the positively charged electrons, otherwise known as free radicals.
Many other processes occur when you are in contact with the ground that you may not be aware of yet. Your heart rate and blood pressure drops and your cortisol levels, which is metabolized adrenalin, are lowered and the bio-circuitry of the nervous system switches from sympathetic to parasympathetic, creating a sense of relaxation and lowered stress levels. If your cortisol levels are too high, a propensity to put on excess weight follows. There is a significant increase in obesity in western societies, and it isn’t all due to junk food, lack of exercise or food additives. Unremitting stress is a major factor!
As your immune system is strengthened, and as your respiratory rate slows, your body can then re-regulate itself from flight or fight to a sense of well-being and peace. Inflammation disorders begin to disappear, and chronic pain is lessened. And ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, the primary micro-biological indicator of how much Light the mitochondria of your cells can hold is dramatically increased. All in all, one might view the Earth and Nature as having more to do with Ascension than you have imagined! The Planet is truly the benign and benevolent Mother that it is! It is also an inexhaustible storehouse of health-giving properties, and all you have to do is remove your ‘shielding’ of shoes, socks and sometimes clothing to receive the benefits.
Recent research is bearing out what many indigenous peoples and some channels have been saying for decades, which is that long-term separation from Nature and the Planet, exacerbated by an environment increasingly saturated with EMF’s (electro-magnetic fields) from cell phones, WI-FI towers, microwaves communications, radio waves, etc.) are having a severe impact on your health on all levels. What is not spoken about by the researchers is how this impacts you psychically and spiritually. If you can be grounded to Earth, EMF’s cannot even touch you! You are protected by a ‘bubble’ of negative electrons that actually push the EMF’s away from your body. And anything good for your physical body, is good for your energy fields and subtle bodies too.  Indeed, we view the living matrix of the human energy field (HEF) and the subtle bodies as a construct similar to Russian dolls. That is a rather simplistic model, because one field or body flows from the next subtlest field in a semi-permeable way, and so it is difficult to find a metaphor that describes this construct adequately.
New inventions, and new shoes, are coming forward now to aid humans in becoming Earth-conscious in a new and exciting way. Products are slowly becoming available for sleeping grounded, or working around computers and high-tech equipment while ground. There are devices for grounding yourself while driving a car or truck! Search for these and test them for yourself.
Grounding Tip
If you can go outside and plant your feet flat on wet grass, sand or even concrete (yes, concrete is conductive) for 30 minutes, you will feel the benefits right away. If you can walk in salty water, like on a beach, the conductivity is much higher, and so is the benefit. Try to keep your feet in full contact with the grass, sand or ground. It is important that a major acupuncture meridian called ‘K1’, just behind the ball of the foot, remains in contact with the Earth long enough to allow the free electrons to be absorbed upwards into the rest of your body.
Consistency is the key. Repeatedly connecting through the feet or hands, or sleeping while grounded, will not only improve your health, it will improve mental acuity, reduce emotional imbalances, and aid in your connection to Spirit. References will be provided at the end of this discourse.
We suggest that you investigate experiment and implement what feels correct for you. The shamans and wise ones have known for ages what science is beginning to prove now. Completing the bio-magnetic and spiritual circuits is necessary to your total well-being and consciousness. The ground is holy, is sacred, and you are the antennae between the heavens and the core of the Planet. Remember the gift that is in the Earth, for it will sustain you and protect you.

Part 6: "What’s next, and what is essential."
The next 26 months leading up to the winter Solstice of 2012 will be intense, often just because most of humanity is now aware on one or more levels that ‘something’ of great importance is about to happen. Disaster movies aside, this ‘something’ may appear at times to be just too much to cope with, too much to manage or comprehend. It is for this very reason that we have gotten ‘back in the game’ at this juncture, to be a friend and companion to you on the Journey.
One of the most masterful ways to approach the future is to become incredibly stable and focused in the moment. Moments of silence, of dance, or cooking and cleaning, can become a song dedicated to your Being. Immersing yourself in painting, music, reading or writing is most healthy. Grounding your body as often as possible to the Earth, so that your ‘circuits’ can flow evenly and fluidly is most recommended. Also, continue to ‘dream’ into your life whatever you feel you’d like to explore and experience. Without your input, the Universal Forces are unable to ground it into your experience. We highly recommend that you express what you require, and then relinquish it so that what is appropriate can move into your life. A tool like the “Superconscious Technique”, co-created with Earth Mission two decades ago, might come in handy. (Note: see references at end of discourse.)
Look after yourself, and look out for each other. Creating and consolidating extended ‘families’ can spread the load, so to speak. We do not mean that you have to move in together, although some beings do move in this direction, and it works for them. A community is any small grouping of beings that share a desire to provide a light-structure for the common welfare. Create a consciousness that empowers individuals through a group commitment when the going gets a bit bumpy. This is prudence, not paranoia. And, it can begin with the next door neighbours or with your friends across town.
However, nothing is more supportive of your Spirit and sovereignty than cultivating gratitude, and giving kindness towards others. What do we mean by kindness? Smiles, for no reason whatsoever, to whomever you encounter. Give a warm hand of support on a sagging shoulder, a word of encouragement, or even a joke. Kindness begets kindness. This simple reminder can uplift and heal, and might even awaken a soul whose days are dark.
Would you not appreciate it in return? Of course, who would not?
Finally, do not be silent. If you see injustice, or detect deception, speak. If you feel to share what Spirit has shown to you, then speak. If you decide that this or that no longer works for you, or see that it is unfair to another, then speak. Release your concern about looking credible, or having a ‘reputation’, or pleasing others before yourself. These are social rules that are built on personal values and conditionings, rather than transpersonal truth and honesty, and are the roots of hypocrisy and betrayal. Your voice is needed. The eyes of Truth are always upon you, as the old song says, and your value is without question. Be a Spirit, not a phantom. Be your Being. Just Be.
We must bring this to a close for the time being. It is essential to realize that beyond Time and Space, beyond Games and Strategies, beyond Dimensions and Universes, there is One who always loves you, One who always cares, and One who always sustains everything. From the core of the Void, to the outer edges of Creation, there is no place that the I Am is not. Upon this Foundation, rest your weary hearts. Open to the Essence that is within you, and which is bountifully manifest in the dirt under your very feet.
Remember, Who You Are.
© Copyright Pure Divine Love 1999-2010. All Rights Reserved. Interested parties may freely distribute via the Internet for private use only. Permission for any other use (reprints and publications) is henceforth automatically granted, provided all appropriate credits with contact information are provided. Thank you for your consideration. info@puredivinelove.com  * www.isaacgeorge.net/ *

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