10-10-10 Beginnings & Endings

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Hilarion's Weekly Message: October 10-17, 2010
3.)  Polaris: The Meaning of 10-10-10
4.)  10-10-10 Beginnings & Endings
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  You Are Vastness

Isis' Message of the Day -
When you make choices, if you see them as mistakes you may try to justify them . . . make excuses. But there are no 'mistakes' only lessons learned and that is what life is all about . . . learning from choices made, either by ourselves or by others. For as you learn you grow.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear ones,
As you sit at your computer and think on your life, what is the first thought that comes to mid - is it one of gratitude, or one of fear and worry?
Consider how you spend your day and the thoughts that accompany you - are you peaceful or are you constantly shuffling through an anxious list of "what ifs" and fears.
We ask that you take a moment now and just take a few deep breaths.
Remember that you are not alone. You have a heavenly entourage that accompanies you. You do not have to shoulder every burden by yourself. You do not have to face every challenge as though you are little David against mighty Goliath. YOU have everything you need to overcome any situation that presents. YOU are a child of the Most High and you have within you the very spark of Divinity that can create miracles.
This is a truth. This is your birthright. Today, allow the wings of angels to bear you up and know that you are loved and beloved. Be at peace.
Till next time…
Deb and Jean
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Hilarion's Weekly Message: October 10-17, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Lightworkers,
You are now receiving powerful energies that will continue to create changes within your physical, mental and emotional bodies. All blockages and obstructions that have been keeping you from moving forward on your spiritual journey are now dissolving and you will find a greater sense of ease and well-being filling you now. All that once kept you from releasing  that which no longer serves you is now being removed. Know that you have myriad helpers from the Higher planes working with you to create a greater connection to your Higher Self. Be open and observant in the days ahead and be willing to look at your daily existence in a new and different way.
As your mind expands into new possibilities and you cross boundaries that have kept you chained to the old paradigms, you will experience a greater sense of freedom and a reconnection with your own sovereignty and power and this will expand your thinking into new avenues and solutions that were not visible for you before. As the greater Light pulsates in waves upon your Planet, it opens your Higher chakras to greater awareness and perceptions than you have ever experienced before. This might be confusing at first and you will find it difficult to explain to others what you are seeing and perceiving. This will be an experience that occurs on a personal level rather than one that is shared with others, for it is a time of the opening of your greater capabilities. It will not happen suddenly, rather, it will be a gradual process and it will be helpful for you to be aware of the process so that you can take full advantage as your extrasensory abilities begin to be noticed in your daily interactions with others around you.
Some of you will be experiencing a greater opening of your abilities, including the ability to channel the Higher dimensions. Always set the intent that only the very highest truth and 100 percent Light may come through you and that only that which is the Highest Christ vibration may come through. Be sure that you are clear of your own less than Light energies by doing a clearing exercise such as the Total Energy Clearing that the Scribe has posted on her Decrees page - www.therainbowscribe.com/totalenergyclearing.htm before attempting to channel through a Light Being from the other side of the thinning veil. It is important to approach the channeling session with as pure an attitude as is possible in that moment. In order to attract a higher level Being, one must do the daily disciplines so that your frequency level is operating within the Higher realms. Most of you are already doing this so this should not be a major problem for you. It is important to set aside a certain time each day for this practice and to practice diligently. You will also begin to receive impressions and thoughts from others around you so be aware that this ability is opening up and keep yourselves in equilibrium so that you do not react to these thoughts in a personal way but will just be a witness to them.
As you can tell, you are now entering a time of the blossoming forth of your abilities and talents and you will begin to reap the harvest of the seeds you have been planting for such a long, long time. It is a time of harvest now, Beloved Ones, so keep yourselves on the High Road at all times and hold to your Highest Visions. Do not give up in the final moments before the unfolding of this precious time and spend as much alone time as you can claim for yourselves in these changing times. Your Light is spreading and your sphere of influence is growing ever larger. Be kind to yourselves and practice smiling at others, for a smile can melt the strongest shields that have been built around the human hearts around you, and find many things to laugh about and celebrate each day. Nurture your ever growing attitude of gratitude, for this is the shortest road to the One Source. Make the words “thank you” be a constant refrain in the inner recesses of your thinking processes and prepare yourselves for the emergence of the miraculous in the days ahead.
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Polaris: The Meaning of 10-10-10
Channeled by Karen Murphy
October 10, 2010
One of the major phenomena that have been occurring for a while now is the collective attention to and activation of numbers that occur in everyday life. With the advent of the digital age, people are able to routinely see 11:11, 4:44, and other such power numbers appearing on the clock as part of daily observation. This serves much the same purpose as does the attention that comes to power dates that appear on the calendar.
One could argue that since the present-day Western calendar has little astrological basis, it is therefore arbitrary and the numbers and dates contained within it all have a consequently arbitrary meaning, but there is energy to numbers. In cultures where counting is performed as “one” and “many,” the energy of numbers still exists even without the a symbolic numeral that represents the energy of the number itself. It is important or useful to remember that the numeral is not the energy of the number but instead serves as a symbol of that energy — the power — contained within it. Numerologists are on the right track when they attempt to attribute meaning to the number energies contained within names and dates.
Having then arrived at the conclusion that the upcoming date 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010, which is written the same way in both the American calendar and the European calendar) has significant meaning. Many people have been planning events and connecting rituals for that day. But what does it mean? How does 10-10-10 play out in the dance now being woven through human history?
Notice first the exquisite symmetry in the number, and the similarity to digital binary code. This is no accident. There is, encoded, within the number 10-10-10, a message that is available to all who attend to it. There is nothing special that you need to do other than notice that 10-10-10 seems to have some meaning. You may, of course, wish to strengthen this meaning and its reverberations within yourself by observing a private or community ritual or other observation, but this isn’t strictly necessary. The message is available to all, whether or not it is understood, interpreted, or even noticed in any way. Simply being alive and on the planet on this day avails you of the encoding within.
The message of 10-10-10 is this:
You have come to a time in your life, both as an individual and collectively as the mass of humanity, whereupon change is no longer avoidable. All who attend to the encoding contained within the symbolic numerals 10-10-10 will be attuned to an energy frequency change. This attunement is available to all, whether or not there is awareness of it on a conscious level. The attunement helps gather resources necessary to support further and more noticeable change later on. It helps you regain lost knowledge about your life path. It helps you remember your connection to All That Is.
What can you do with this information? Simply by opening your awareness to the changes that are taking place within you and around you, you assist with the flow of energy necessary to help support this level and degree of change. Start with what is different about yourself. Begin with the most fundamental part of you: your breath. Attend to your breath, noticing the rise and fall of your chest, the contraction of muscles, the inflow and outgo of the life force within you. Move next to your heartbeat, and feel within you the beating of seven billion hearts, all connected in some small way to the bird-flutter inside your own chest.
Breath and heart; heart and breath.
For the next sixty days, attend to yourself with a simple meditation on your breath and heartbeat. Know that you will notice changes and slight fluctuations as the days progress, and as you do so pay particular attention as well to all the mundane things you do in the course of the day that now begin to seem brighter and with added purpose. As you do so, realize that the message of 10-10-10 is one that connects you more firmly to your soul’s purpose, and rest in the knowledge that you are being supported by seven billion other heartbeats around you.
Polaris is a being of energy  * www.polarisrising.com/  *  

10-10-10 Beginnings & Endings
by Jennifer Hoffman
October 9, 2010
On Sunday we celebrate the date 10-10-10, a symbol of new beginnings that we are so ready for. We want to find a new life purpose, new relationships, new ways of being and more joy. So we welcome this opportunity with open arms and an open heart. New beginnings are available as long as we are willing to create space for them, which we do by allowing their corresponding endings to occur. Every new beginning we ask for is the door that opens when another closes. We cannot begin without also ending.
Why don't we welcome endings with the same joy as we do beginnings? Because we think they involve sacrifice, suffering, pain and discomfort. When something ends we have to do without, start over or acknowledge a failure. Endings show us how things did not work out, where we could not succeed at something or where our expectations were not met. And endings disrupt the flow of our lives, as they compel us to look in other directions, point out our shortcomings and work on ourselves. 
While that is what we may believe, that is not what endings are about. Endings give us closure, confirmation and support on our next steps. They are signs that we are ready for something else and the only painful thing about them is when we do not allow them to occur.
There is a law of physics which states that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. And this is so true of endings and beginnings. When we ask for something new, it takes the place of something that already exists. So we have to release the old to make room for the new. That's easy enough to do when it's something we do not care about but when it is important to us, the ending has become personal, a testimonial of who we are and a sign that we failed or lost. Allowing it to end means that a part of us ends too and if we are not ready to detach from it, let it go or have judgments then our endings will be quite disruptive and painful.
On this date and on future dates like it, for there will be more waves of the energy of new beginnings as more shifts occur, we open more energetic portals and step into higher dimensions, we will be asked to make room for new beginnings by allowing endings to occur. Are we as open to the ending as we are the beginning?
Along with any new beginning that you experience on October 10, 2010 and afterwards, give yourself the gift of an ending. This could be an actual ending, a symbolic ending or an affirmation to release something that you know does not serve you. Could you be more confident, positive, happy, grateful, self assured, or loving or appreciative of yourself? Imagine the ending as the closing door that allows the new beginning to enter.
If you want to be more confident or successful, release any guilt, shame or other blocks that prevent you from expressing your full potential.
To be happy, close the door on an unhappy experience that you hold in your memory.
To create love, be grateful for every unloving teacher you have had, for their purpose was to help you find love within yourself.
To know your new life purpose, embrace where you are in this moment and everything you have learned.
To be at peace, be grateful for every experience of chaos and that you have the power to choose the energies that manifest in your life.
Embrace your new potential as you give yourself the gift of the endings that make beginnings possible. 
Many blessings in these amazing, miraculous times.

Jennifer Hoffman
Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.   *  

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it is the have to’s that trip you up. If you do a choice out of joy, then you are joyful. If you do a choice because somebody has said you “should” or it is good for you, then it is a have to, and it doesn’t feel joyful. It doesn’t feel as a free choice.
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HEAVEN #3607
You Are Vastness
October 10, 2010
God said:
All is well with the world. Underlying the overlay of the shaky relative world lies a deep unshakable foundation. We can call it Being. You are a heavyweight of Being, and the eruptive relative world does not and cannot touch the value of your Being. You have a foundation that is stronger than the strong, vaster than the vast, and that means you are vast too. You are far more than your strivings in the relative world, far more than your dreams, far more than your daily existence. Being is much more than existence. Existence is one-layered. Being is pure Vastness.
There are no boundaries to Vastness. If there were, then Vastness would not be.
In your case, the boundaries you perceive are not. Your vision has blocked off Vastness, most especially as it would apply to yourself. Start picturing yourself in a vaster way, an unlimited way, a way filled with limitless possibilities. Right where you are, without moving an inch, you can travel far. You can take leaps and bounds. It is not really that you can transform yourself. What you can do is bring your already Self and bring it out into the open. As you begin to see yourself, you begin to see your Vastness. Your Vastness breaks the bank of your long-held disregard of yourself.
You are of a noble lineage. Your lineage is who you are, not your situation, not your caterwauling, not what someone else thinks of you.
You are My descendent. You are Myself full-blown on Earth. You are greater than Earth. You are bigger than the big. You are immeasurable. Begin to paint a picture of yourself that is closer to the Truth. You are a pearl on Earth. According to your impression, from a sow’s ear a beautiful purse was made. Open this purse of yourself and see what you are made of.
Your greatest ambitions have been too small because your greatest ambitions were based on false perception. You are a victim of your own con. You milked yourself out of a huge fortune. This is not fate, beloveds. You may have been compelled to cheat yourself. That does not mean that you are compelled to continue in that mode. You are not compelled. You had an unfortunate dream, a dream from which you now awaken. Perhaps you have even been rudely awakened from that continuous dream you had. It was only a dream. Even if the dream is ongoing, it is nevertheless only a dream in your sleep. Wake up, and the dream is gone. Remember Truth, not sleeping dream.
Of course, dream of your other dreams of magnificence. In this case, dream big enough. Break through the boundaries of even your very best dreams of knighthood or Godhood.
Do you recall those pictures that have images in them that are at first glance hidden? You are one of those pictures. Within your picture are thousands and more of hidden ones. Look within, and find the hidden pictures. Bring them out, and hide them no more. Hide them no more especially from yourself.
Expand your vision, and you expand the world. When you open up yourself, you open up the world. The world has not known who it is. The world, like you, has not known its magnificence. You are the key who will open the world to itself.
Do you know those pop-up picture books where you open a page and a whole world of new dimensions automatically appears. When your picture of yourself expands, the world automatically will. The world will pop up with castles and palaces and princes and princesses and Kings and Queens all because you walked into a bigger dream of yourself than the one you had been having. It’s time.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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