Merlin on 10.10.10

I come to speak with you regarding the coming 10.10.10 alignment. Firstly, at the 9.9.9 portal I gave advice that you should each begin your own alchemical process of transmutation on each level of your being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It has been a year of endings which has resulted in great changes for many. Thank time of endings now ends with the portal of 10.10.10. As previously asked of you for the 9.9.9 I wholly urge you all come together in powerful circles of loving, healing energy as you work to anchor in yet another level of awareness on your planet, thus allowing more of humanity to step into their true potential. Each time you come together in this way, you are gifting humanity the chance to heal itself and the Earth Mother, a chance for humanity to realise its true potential. This is a great work of love and honour.
Through this last Earth year, many of you have seen the depths of your souls, your physical bodies have complained, broken down and demanded attention, love and respect, your bodies pains are the silent cries for purity to be restored. Your emotions have come as tidal waves and washed over you and left you scattered and drained, then they have receded and left you lonely, empty as if dazed and I a stupor. On the spiritual many are now awakening to paths previously hidden to them whilst others are reaching ever higher in their communications with the Divine ones as they accept their place amongst us as Gods and Goddesses incarnate.
Many of you have seen your closest relationships broken, battered and beaten, some have stood tall and regained their composure, others sold their souls to the darker side and sought to harm with words, actions and weapons. There is still some of this to come, sadly, as each struggles to be in the right place for their unfolding destinies.
Dear ones, 10.10.10 is a global chance to shine together as the beings of light that you are. It is time for choices (he smiles, nods) hhmmmm…..a word I use often, but until you all understand it deeply and completely, with all its implications, I shall continue to use it. Choices. Choices.
You are each quick to condemn another for what they do or do not do, but children, condemnation neither enlightened the perpetrator or their deed, or energises your own soul with love. It is a negative energy. Look deep inside yourselves before you seek to judge another, for you are all as guilty as each other, yet each has the same potential for change. The choice as always is your own.

So now, as the portal of 10.10.10 arrives, are you ready ? Are you ready to make a choice for the betterment of the future generations ? For the healing of the Earth Mother ? To put the choices of the greater whole above your own petty needs, wants and desires ?
This portal is the beginning you have all been waiting for, will you rise to the challenge ?
We have witnessed the phenomenon in your world where everyone stops what they are doing at a given time and date and stands for one moment (minute) collectively in silence to honour a past occurrence, in reverence for your dead. It is honoured in workplaces, homes, and by government officials. So we call to you to make 10.10.10 such an occasion, and come together at 10 am in silence for 10 moments (minutes) when you cease all mundane activities and conversations, not for the past, but for the enhancement and betterment of the future of the Earth and all Her inhabitants. This is a choice of great magnitude that you can make at this time. The choice you make during the 10.10.10 portal will set the energies for the coming year. A year that will begin on the 10.10.10 and continue until 11.11.11 - choose wisely dear children, your future and the future of all children yet to be born depends on it. For this is where you take responsibility for yourself and for the future generations to come. If you do not like what comes to you, you will have no one to blame save yourselves. YOU (said with raised voice and hand) will have chosen your future path and the future of the Earth by your own actions or in-actions, thoughts and intentions on this special day and time.

Now, when you gather in your circles, bring your crystals, do not let another tell you what to bring, or what to put where, the crystal grids must be unique formations created by souls who are guided on what to bring and place where by the universe, for the universe knows what is needed where at this time in each of the places that you meet and gather your circles of like minded souls to create an anchoring grid of crystal beings to bring in the Violet Flame of Love and Transformation. Use also sacred geometry and sound in this alchemical marriage of light and sound frequencies.
Ancient sounds such as chanting and drumming, the thundering of dancing feet upon the Earth, serve to dislodge negative energies both within your own energy fields and within the Earth Mothers form accumulated there because of humanities atrocities. I urge you to perform all these activities interspersed with prayers, visualizations, words of love, honour, peace and wisdom share for and by all who participate, for each must add their own sacred energies to the circle on this special day in which to end the year of transformation and initiate the year of Manifestation. Yes, Manifestation dear ones, that is why your choices, from the small and seemingly insignificant, to the larger life changing ones, are all hugely important in this portal of 10.10.10, for the choices will set the energy for the manifestations in the coming year until 11.11.11.

Choose wisely dear ones, choose future generations, beauty, growth, love, healing, compassion and respect.
Blessings to you all, Merlin and the Universal Masters for the 10.10.10.